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My husband and I and our 16 yr old DD are visiting WDW in June 1-6. We have been to Disney many times but it has been about 4 years since our last trip. Our FPP reservations can be made this Saturday and my head is all mixed up as to the best choices. I just found this website on the weekend and I am still trying to understand all of the things I can use it for. Wish I had found this earlier in planning. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. We understood and were masters of the old FP system! We are just trying to navigate this new one. We enjoy mostly all rides. We are big riders and love thrill rides and do not mind trying to fit it all in! We usually stay from open to close, but I am not sure we have the stamina to do this and take advantage of the EMH at AK from 11-1, although our 16 yr old says she wants to try! LOL!

These are my tentative plans:

Day 1: Arrive- then AK for half day. Assuming we will get FPP for Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest and maybe River of Lights or Kali River Rapids if it is hot and we don’t care that we will be wet. Dinner reservations at Yak and Yeti at 7:15

Day 2: AK. Assuming we will get FPP for River Na’vi, Kilmanjaro Safari, then maybe Everest again or River of Lights or Kali RR if we didn’t do these the day before. Dinner reservations at Sanaa at 5 pm. If we feel we are done after two days in this park, I am ok with an early evening and done.

Day 3: Day 3 Epcot. Priorities are Soarin’, FEA, and Test Track. We have never seen FEA, but could not do Soarin’ at our last trip because we could not get a FP and stand by was never below 70-80 min. Is it possible to get to Soarin’ and Test Track first and then secure a FPP for FEA? The two seem pretty far from each other. My DH is not a fan of Mission Space but I know my DD will want to ride with me. Dinner Reservations at Le Cellier at 7:15- but we were thinking of cancelling. May not want this big sit down dinner. No need for Illuminations as we all feel like we have seen this so many times.

Day 4: MK: Here is where I am going nuts! Priorities are PP, 7DMR, Space M, Big TM, Splash M, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Enchanted Tales w Belle. Plus we want to do all of the other standards… HM, IASW, Dumbo, Buzz, Teacup, and I could go on… Breakfast reservations at 8:30 at BOG. I made this to get us into the back of the park at opening. My DH and DD are not huge breakfast people so they are not thrilled with my choice. We all really want to see the restaurant. I have a request in with TP reservation finder to try to find an early lunch. Any opinions about this? Dinner Reservations at the Jungle Navigation Canteen at 5 pm. And want to see the new firework show at 9.

Day 5: HS: Priorities are R & R Coaster, TOT, TSM, Star Tours, Fantasmic
Dinner reservations at Mama Melrose at 4:35 (I think). And knowing us, we will want to ride RRC and TOT multiple times if possible!! Are there still fireworks at HS for Star Wars? I want to see that, DH wants to see Fantastic even though we have seen that years ago and have not seen the new Star Wars firework show.

What do you all think? Suggestions welcome!

We just attempted this last week. We had the FEA FPP as it was told to us that that would be the longest line / hardest FPP to secure. So we had to try to do Soarin’ and Test Track 1st thing. We did Soarin’ --> LwtL --> Test Track and I wouldn’t recommend doing the same. We wound up in an 85 minute line at TT - YUCK! If you cut LwtL you might have better results, but I’m guessing it’d be marginal. The only real solution would be to do single rider at TT. Our kids really wanted to do the car design part so that wasn’t an option for us, but you’ll get the ride time down to ~30 minutes if you’re willing to go that route. We wound up bailing on our MS FPPs since Test Track went so long.

For MK I would hit Pirates, Big TM, Splash M, and Jungle cruise right after rope drop you can get those in the morning without a FP, waits will be 15-25 minutes. At around 11am the crowds will be starting to get big so FP for 7DMR is a must, PP is a must unless you do it first thing. Try to get your first three FP used by early afternoon and then you can start getting more FP for the “lesser” rides like Dumbo, Buzz, mermaid, etc. I was there a couple days ago crowds were solid 7/10 and we didn’t feel like we stood in any really long lines using this technique.

Also MK isn’t really as big as I thought we criss-crossed the park several times to use FP and the walking wasn’t that big of a deal. It might be on Day 4 when you are already tired though :slight_smile:

At Test Track, you DO get to do the car design in the single rider line. I did it last July.

I have never been allowed to design while in the single rider line. Interesting that you were. Now the fpp line, yes! But single rider, no.

MK: Does the park open at 9? I would try to enter at 7:45 with the pre rope drop. Last month we did : 7DMT, PP, BTMRR, PoC, HM, PhilHarMagic and People Mover before noon with no FPs after a ore RD BOG breakfast.

HS- if you head straight to TSMM with the extra track the stand by is very quick!

Yep, I double checked my notes. I rope dropped Soarin’, then visited Mickey et al at Character Spot, plus Joy & Sadness, then Baymax. Then I rode TT in single rider line. There were a couple of terminals, and I just about walked right past them in my rush to go on the ride, but I took the time (short time) to design a car. Maybe others walked past me while I did it. I was surprised at how fun it was to see how well my car theoretically did on the various tests, compared to the others in my car. Then I did my first FPP at Mission: Space. My only Tier One FPP was FEA about 3:30.

Opens at 9. I think the difference may be Feb visit vs. June visit, but I like the optimism.

My trip was President’s week! End of June has been a very low time in the past but my guess is all bets are off this year!

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