Fast Pass Plus Confusion

Just when I thought I understood the new rules, a discussion in Lines chat and on a different site’s board threw me for a loop. I thought that if I were to make 1 preselected FPP, I could make only one FPP anywhere in WDW (subject to availability of course and once I do the Mickey to Mickey thing). Now I read that when I use the one and only preselected FPP, I could make 2! additional FPP anywhere in WDW. Clarity please wise ones. Does anyone have actual experience with this or have a link they could send? Best! This would have an impact on the planning that I’m doing now.

Not to my understanding. You can prebook one, two or three, but after using whatever you have prebooked, you can only book one at a time from the app or kiosk. I haven’t seen any discussion saying otherwise. But I haven’t personally tried it.

I thought so too but now have reason to believe otherwise. I guess I can wait and see until Oct. But, several people on Lines and the Disboards swear that if you preselect 1, you can choose 2 same day FPP anywhere.

I thought TP staff had tested the new system out, but maybe they only checked if they could get another tier 1.

Do you have a link? Any firsthand reports? Thanks by the way. But, I suspect we may be wrong.

Here is the link to the thread I think @missoverexcited is referring to?

forum thread

Yes that was it, and it does appear to say that if you’ve only prebooked one, you can then book 2 more on the app. Well there you go! I’ve got 3 booked for all my park days but I’m sure this will help some people out.

It’ll help me! Thank you!!

I am adding the link posted on chat that says you can book two here

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When you’re visiting a park where normally you are limited to one Tier 1 and two Tier 2 FPPs. If you only book one Tier-1 FPP ahead of time, once you to the Mickey-to-Mickey thing, can either or both of FPPs be from Tier 1 as well? For example, could you theoretically get three FPPs for TSMM or FEA in one day?

As I understand it:

If you are in a Tier park and will stay IN THAT SAME TIER PARK (i.e. You are not park hoping), you can NOT get another Tier 1 until you have redeemed or the time has passed for 2 X Tier 2 + 1 X Tier 1. Of course, same day Fast Pass plus selections will be subject to availability. So, there’s no hope for Frozen while there may be still be a chance at other Tier 1: Land, still less so for Test, still less so for Soarin, etc…or something like that which basically means the days of 3 Toy FPP are gone and it’ll be a while before anyone has a shot at even 2 Frozen FPP in the same day.

If you park hop to a Tiered park (from a tiered park OR NOT), I believe you can get a Tier 1 as long as you’ve redeemed (or the time has passed) your first preselected FPP in the earlier park. So, if you had 1 preselected in park 1, you can get 2 day of FPPs (in any ANY OTHER PARK OR ANY OTHER TWO PARKS) as soon as you ‘Mickey to Mickey’ your first and only preselected FPP. If you have 2 preselected FPP, you can get 1 FPP in another other park as soon as you ‘Mickey to Mickey’ the first FPP in Park 1; alternatively and assuming you have 2 preselected, the moment you redeem your first FPP, you can cancel your second in the first park, and have 2 FPP in another other park or parks. So, say you have 2 in EP: as soon as you use the first in EP you can book another FPP in DHS even before you redeem your second EP FPP.

Don’t quote me though. The above is just my understanding from other Liners who I hope will jump in to correct any misunderstandings. Trying to figure it out.