Fast Pass planning with Park Hopper Tickets

We have Park Hopper tickets and were wondering if it is possible to get just 1 Fast Pass at a particular park (let’s say Magic Kingdom for example) on Day 1, use that fast pass on day 1 and then hop to a different park ( let’s say Animal Kingdom) on Day 1 and then when we get to Animal Kingdom see what Fast Passes are available there for Day 1. Or do we have to pick 3 Fast Passess at Magic Kingdom on Day 1 before the system will let us do a fast pass on Day 1 at another park.

I know we can’t do advance reservations for Fast Passes at 2 different parks on Day 1 but would what I described above work? Thanks.

Yes the above will work. As soon as you scan your prebooked one FP you can immediately book the other two at a different park.