Fast pass on personalized touring plans

Does the touring plan tell me what fast passes to reserve based on my personalized touring plan?

Well… Kind of? I usually just create my plan and look to see where the longest wait times are. Then I make my FP based on that information. Hope that strategy works for you!

When you’re doing your personalized plan, go to where it says “FastPass+ Options (skip if not using)” and click the little green plus sign to the right of that text. Then use the boxes to tell it how many FP’s you will get (should be three and you have to do 1 for tier one, etc, for the parks that have tiers). Then it will recommend them to you.

Actually, it does. Assuming you are doing this on a computer, make sure “use FP” is checked, and you have the proper amount in the tiers for Epcot and HS. Once you’ve optimized, look at the FP section, and it will suggest what you should pick.

For whatever reason I can’t post links on my phone, but if you search " personalized touring plan" you with find @brklinck 's step by step instructions.

A better answer than mine! So I searched and here’s that instructions link: Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

Thanks for finding it. Don’t know why my phone won’t post links properly, but I’ll figure it out someday. :wink:.

:slight_smile: My phone hates this site too, but since I was on ye olde laptoppe, it worked out.