Fast Pass Oddity

Riddle me this Touring Plans family…I am helping my family with their Fast Passes for a trip in March. On March 9, I can’t see any availability for fast passes for even one person past 4:30pm. However, when I try to book myself on a single ride on March 9, there is a lot of availability after 4:30pm. I have an AP pass and the other members of my family don’t. Could that make a difference? Is there more fast pass availability for AP holders and I’m just now realizing it?!?

Are they staying on property? do they have tickets? Are you linked to their MDE account and can make the FP reservations? Just a few thoughts.

Yes to all questions! I was able to make their fast passes for them this morning, but couldn’t seem to nab anything in the late evening after 4:30pm. Yet, when I look for a fast pass for me, there are some available. Very odd!

Any particular park? You’re sure they haven’t already got one in another park for that day? Tiering?

The park is Magic Kingdom, so no tiering issue there. They have three fast passes at MK and I’m trying to modify one to a later time. I’ve tried modifying one member of the party thinking maybe modifying the whole group was the issue, but I still only see times 4:30pm or earlier. The only way I see later times is if I try to book myself a fast pass. I think I might cancel one of the fast passes and start fresh. GRR!

I’m not as well versed as many on this site, but I wonder if you took the 4:30 FPP and then tried to modify again it would give you later options…and keep on moving back later and later…

I ended up canceling the 4:00pm Fast Pass and starting fresh. There was more availability to me when I did this. Not sure why this happened, but I’m glad it is fixed.

It seems that MDE and FPP like to play cruel pranks on a routine basis and are probably the most cursed at aspect of a WDW visit. If I were King, we would go back to the original FP (paper based tickets) and make ADRs at a kiosk cause it just plain worked. Your tip is well noted… when in doubt, reboot.


If I were queen, we’d have the DLP MaxPass with the Magic Band for tapping. It’d be day of, and every 90mins like DLR, but after you grabbed it, you could stick your phone back in your pocket and use your band for tapping. Or not.

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If I were king, everyone who had a Touring Plans subscription would get unlimited Fast Passes.


If kings were elected, I would vote for you.

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Any chance they had an ADR booked for after 5:00? You said they had a FPP for 4, so you wouldn’t see anything from 4-5, but was there an ADR on the system that might have affected it? (don’t know, but it’s just a thought).

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