Fast Pass Linked to Disney Resort Room Reservation?

What if I book my room and tickets with a disney on-property resort. I then book my fast passes at the 60 day mark, but then cancel my room reservation on-property at the 45 day mark. (last day without penalty)

Will I lose my fast pass reservations since I am no longer on property? Can i transfer my tickets/fast passes?

I'm not sure if I can afford the entire time on property, but i really have a few rides that I believe require the fast pass 60 day access.... so i'm just wondering what my options are.

You will lose your FPP if you cancel your reservation.

If you book as room only and purchase your tickets separately I don't think you would lose them if you cancel the room but keep the tickets.

Really? I thought the 60 day booking was only for on site and Disney closed the loop hole so that people could not book at 60 days, cancel and then keep the FPPs? Has anyone tried this?

Oh that's entirely possible I've never tried it. I was just repeating things I'd seen lol.

Has anyone tried it?

I've heard that the loophole has been closed. Wouldn't know, never tried it.

Since a room only reservation can be canceled up until 5 days, not saying i'd do this, could you book room only and cancel after 30 days, so if they do get removed, you could still get them?