Fast Pass in the park question

I am sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find this info anywhere!

Let’s say we are in the park, it is 12:30pm and we have used our 3 FPs and are now ready for a new one. Can I get 2 for one ride for 2 people in our party and then 3 for a different ride for the rest of our party? Or send my daughter to get FPs for everyone? Or does each person have to get a FP for themselves?

I hope this makes sense!


As long as everyone is linked in MDE you one person should be able to get a new FP for everyone in the party with only their MB. As for booking one fp for some and a different or others… I’m not sure. I haven’t seen that topic come up before so hopefully someone will chime in. I would guess that it should be possible but I can’t confirm that.

And welcome to the forums @liquid17! Feel free to ask if you need any kind of help. We don’t mind if it’s been asked before or not.

If I understand your question, you are asking if you can get different 4th FPPs for different members of your party. I haven’t had the need to try this personally, you can certainly do it while booking regular FPPs, so I am guessing that you can do it for your 4th…

Our party of 10 split up after using our 3 pre-set FP+ (which we all shared). At that point, I was able to make selections at kiosks for various smaller groups of us using my MB, and I know other members of our party were able to do the same at kiosks elsewhere in the park. But I don’t think I would have been able to get others set up with a FP+ (that I was not going to choose for myself) using my MB… does that make sense?

Also, I’m sorry if this info is not really getting at your question! :blush:

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My question is more about who can get them than whether we can get them for different rides. Like bswan26 said, since I can get them for advance FPs (like having one daughter ride Test Track while the rest of us ride Soarin’), I should be able to do them in the park.

I have a My Disney Experience account and I am planning everything for my family. Can my 16yo daughter use her Magic Band to get FPs for all while I am doing something else, or am I the only person who can do that because I am the one with the account? Or can we all access the account, since they are all on it?

OK, just saw Sally’s response - that’s exactly what I was wondering!

We’ve been to WDW several times, but not since they instituted the FP+ system, so I am trying to get things straight in my mind before I make plans! I have our mornings set with FPs for all. I want my teens to be able to go off and do what they want and not need me to help them get a FP in the afternoon.

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