Fast pass help!

Hi. I have a question about fast passes me and my sisters family are travelling to Disney in August she arrives on the 14th Aug for 2 weeks and we arrive on the 21st August for 2 weeks so we are doing a week together so my question is will she be able to do all my fast passes on the day she does her own or will she only be able to do up until she leaves on the 28th August ??

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Are you staying on or off property?

The short answer is that your sister will be able to schedule her FPs either 30 (off site) days or 60+ (on-site) days. So, if staying on-site, then at 60+8 days, she can schedule FPs for Aug. 21. But you will only be able to schedule FPs for Aug. 21 at 60 days out.

If you are staying off site, then it doesn’t matter. It is 30 days out, no matter what for both of you.

We are staying on proprty


As far as I know, your sister cannot schedule FPs for you unless you are on the same reservation or in the same window, at least.

So, during your overlap week (Aug. 21st through the 28th), you will need to coordinate your FPs or just have you schedule FPs for both of your groups, since you are coming later. But they miss out on the advantage of the length of stay benefit if they do that.

Right I understand thank you I thought because we have linked our dinner reservations together on My Disney Experience for all 9 people from the 21st to 28th it maybe similar with fast passes and she could book us all together

Yes. She can. But only if she waits until you hit your 60 day window. But this means she’s also booking at 60 days and might look out on getting a hard-to-get FP that she could otherwise easily get at 60+8 days.

You might just split the difference. Have her schedule her Tier 1 choices at 60+length of stay date, but wait for the remaining two so that you can schedule those together (either her, or you).

@ryan1, you have this incorrect. But it is a common mistake.

If both families are linked as family and friends on MDE, the earliest arriving group can book for everyone at their 60 day window. This is called the umbrella system.

I assume the whole group will want to tour together, so that is fine. Those in the second group need to be with at least one of the early group. And you may not be able to modify the FPs until everyone is within their own window.

With the date based tickets, you can only book for the days for which the tickets are valid. And if anyone has a package, their tickets cannot be activated early either, as they will only be valid from the check-in date.

But none of these factors affect the date that the FP booking window opens.

It doesn’t matter where people are staying in this case either.


Me? Make mistakes? Perish the thought!

But I see my mistake…er, I mean…my errant line of thinking. I wasn’t aware that just having a reservation is enough to allow FPs to be scheduled for.

It is odd, though. And confusing. I wonder why Disney allows it.

Only one person needs to be staying onsite. The second group could be staying offsite.

They allow it because they want families staying onsite to make plans for snow-bird Grandma and Grandpa to join them for a day in the parks.


Seriously? Are you sure? Because when I was planning potentially for us to be on site and my kids off site, the FP scheduling was going to be a problem. Otherwise, why couldn’t anyone with a reservation that overlaps with any old forum user/etc, take advantage of “sharing” the FP window?

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So does that mean she can book all our fast passes from the 21st to 28th because that’s the day she checks out? when will I be able to book the rest of my days from (29th till 4th Sept) we are both staying at AKL and my ticket starts on the 21st

Yep, sure. And we had a huge discussion on here about it last year sometime, for onsite and offsite groups, and also onsite with with package stays.

And for your second question, No reason at all.

In fact, I’m sure I remember @mousematt being given a massive boost by a forum member in getting an FP for FoP perhaps on his first (maybe second), offsite, stay.

But remember, you would have to be linked. And you would have to be doing the same FPs at the same time. And those FPs now cannot be modified, at least at first. What I don’t know is when, or if, they can be modified. So you’d have to take that chance.

Yes, she should be able to book for you until the 28th, assuming you’ll all be doing everything together.

And then 60days out from your check-in date, you can make the rest of your FPs.

Well, okay then. I’m still surprised Disney would allow this, but it’s no skin off my knee! I promise to, henceforth, stop spreading misinformation (about this specific topic). :wink:

I am so confused. These are my details. Family of 12. All on site.
Me and DH arrive July 14-19 (5 hights) Pop Century 4 Day Park Hopper
July 19 for 8 nights transfer to Port Orleans, Joined with 10 additional family members also at Port Orleans. 9 day park hopper Plus. All on my MDE account.
when can I do FPs and for whom?

So from your wording, you have one package at POP, followed by another package at POR with the rest of the family?

Packages make it a little more complicated. However, at 60 days out from your check-in day #1 you can book FPs for your POP stay.

Normally with a split stay, you can make FPs for the whole of your onsite stay at once. So you should be able to book FPs for everyone for the POR stay at the same time as you book for POP.

But there is a chance that because of the two back to back packages, that you may end up with two booking windows.

If you had a split stay with separate tickets, it would definitely be one booking window. I hope it still will be. :slightly_smiling_face:

Remember about having to do everything together though.

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Thank you! :rofl::thinking::grimacing:

Yep! I will vouch for @Nickysyme :rofl:


A lovely TP member umbrella’d me into her onsite stay, giving me access to FPPs 60 days in advance. She made the initial allocation (based on my requests) but I was then able to modify them to my heart’s content.

As I understand it, this is much less easy now.


Yeah. It seems they’re not modifiable at least until your normal FP booking window opens.