Fast Pass help please. FP day is next week

So my fastpass day is next Wednesday. I think i have my park days figured out but i’m not sure what to Fastpass on Wednesday
We have 2 day park hopper, 2 days water parks, QSDP, and 1 MNSSHP.

Saturday Sept 9th: Drive from Alabama arrives at offsite hotel for 1 night

Sunday Sept 10th: Check in at POP Century, Spend morning doing Photo shoot with my 17 year old for her Graduation/Senior pictures, MK @ 4pm for MNSSHP
We do not have tickets yet I just ordered gift cards and will purchase tickets when I get the gift cards. Ill just FP what I can when I get the tickets.

Monday Sept 11th: Sleep in, Water Park Day, Typhoon Lagoon.

Tuesday Sept 12th: RD Animal Kingdom hit Navi River first, FP: FOP, Safari, EE
After a break around Lunch time we will hop to DHS try for 4th and more FP there

Wednesday Sept 13th: Epcot and MK Need help here
I dont know which one to FP. I have BOG Breakfast and Lunch at MK and also want to see HEA. Since MK has PM EMH i am thinking I will drop BOG Breakfast and just do lunch and the evening there and RD Epcot.

Thursday Sept 14th: Blizzard Beach then Disney Springs for shopping. May head back to Poly beach for Fireworks.

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Tuesday Sept 12th: RD Animal Kingdom hit Navi River first, FP: FOP, Safari, EE

FOP has been pretty difficult to get with reports of 60 plus 3-5 days before they are available. You might have to take a later time or FP NRJ instead with RD for FOP.

Generally the advise is to get FP for your 2nd park. But with the tiers at EP and all the crowds heading to one of the three tier one rides, it might be advisable to make RD for one tier one and pre-book a single FP for the other tier one. Then as soon as you scan, schedule your afternoon FP for MK. You will be able to select 2 at that point. There are so many FP options at MK it makes it a good choice for day of FP booking.

So maybe RD FEA, FP for Soaring at 9:00-10am, Single rider TT. Scan Soaring FP maybe around 9:30-9:45 and immediately schedule two FP for MK.

Thanks Aunt B Thats a great idea for the Epcot and MK day.

Im a little worried about Animal Kingdom. Its going to be my priority on FP day but I dont have a large window of 60+ like UK visitors have. We never have more then 5 days :frowning: So we are at a slight disadvantage. It is what it is and Ill have to work with what i can get. I cant switch out days to push AK later in the week without dropping my BOG reservations.

I hesitate to say this but…It might be easier to rebook BOG with ADR finder than get a morning FP for FOP less than 64 days. :joy:

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My trip is September 1-4 and I was able to get a FP for NRJ but I am planning on being at AK 90 minutes before rope drop and getting into the standby line for RoL. I am purposely not planning it for the morning after a party since I do not want to be getting into the room at 1:00am and then having to be leaving at 6:00 or 7:00.

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Yea it might be. I guess i could do AK on Thursday and Blizzard Beach on Tuesday. I’ll see what is available and be prepared to change things around if i have to.