Fast Pass: Getting a 4th Pass on Level 8 day?

If crowds at 8, would it be possible at 11am to get evening FP for cool stuff? E.g. 2nd time for TSMM @ HS? What if not done w/FPs till 1pm?

Hey, question, if we book TSMM and Star Tours for morning, can I throw out a later Indy show one in order to get a second TSMM from kiosk?

It’s one of my son’s faves.

I would not not count on a 4th FP at HS. The only park that good choices would be available is MK. If you look at this: you will notice that on the upcoming weekends TSMM FPs are already gone or about to show no longer available. I think that is why so many people wait to schedule their FPs until the crowds build but take advantage of the lower waits at RD.


I agree with @PrincipalTinker. There are few worthwhile FPP available at HS or EP available to book during the day.

If we want to ride TSMM twice, we book it later in the morning and then RD it. We have also found that GMR is a good 4th FPP. On s crowd level 8, even it can get crowded and it’s not worth a wait or wasting one of your first Tier 1’s.

I can’t figure out what to do with FPP at EP. Only TT is worth one. And they are gone in a flash.


DS7 is a die-hard Star Wars fan, so we’re headed to attempt Jedi Training sign-up at RD. And I’ve read that stand-by for TSMM is already 60 min if you head over there 9:30? Which DD5 will not tolerate. So I think it’s just one TSMM for us (probably 9 or 9:30, hm, need to optimize around a bunch of Jedi options). Maybe we’ll do Buzz Lightyear over at MK 2x? We’ll be there 2 days. And they are nearly identical.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

But after we ride TSMM is it possible to cancel/drop a Level 2 FP+ for Indiana Jones show, say, and sign up for another Level 1 like Movie Ride? If there are any left (but we’re probably coming back to Holly after dinner, so I could take a 7pm or 8pm).

Yes, this is true. Buzz is also a shooting game, but it is not as fun, I’m afraid. TSMM is pretty awesome :slight_smile:

I think you would have a chance of grabbing the movie ride if you dropped one of of your Tier 2’s. Do you have Star Tours on your plan? It’s worth a FPP on a crowd level 8. Plus, all the HS closures are making it more desirable.

When are you going? If Lights. Motor, Action is still running (closes April 2) I think your 7 year old would like it. Every little boy we saw there last week was LOVING it. Cars, chases, fire,…that sort of thing. And an appearance by Lightning McQueen.

When is your trip- before of after the April closures?

We’ll be there in June. No more exploding cars. Thinking (depending on playing w/plans & optimizing) for FPs Star Tours 9:30ish, TSMM 10:30ish, lunch & Holly & Vine 11:30ish, Indiana Jones 1ish…? And fitting in Jedi training (we hope!) wherever. And Launch Bay is another must-do. Going to sign up for the DIsney Visa for the special M&G there. We’re game to come back after dinner and do a 6/7/8 Jedi Training, so fingers crossed we get SOMEthing on that if we get there pre-RD. But crowd level 7.

Sounds like a good plan. I would keep an eye out on what the wait times are for GMR before you decide if you need an FP for that.

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Are you staying onsite, if you are what about EMH, you might be able to do Jedi sign up and TSMM before official rope drop on that day.

Funny enough, the line for Figment is always longer than the TP says. I’d go with a FPP for that, if you have some available for EPCOT.

If anyone else has additional information on how many/what rides/times available on 4th, 5th fp etc worked out for you, I’d love to hear about it. We are there June 17-23, staying on site, so we have the fp that we want, but hopeful that we will be able to grab a few more after first 3.

What about if hopping over to MK (because MK has more fp, and longer hours?) after park 1 at rd? <there would most likely be a resort break/nap in there> but knowing that we have a fp when we get to next park would be nice.

Thanks! 32 days, can’t wait.

Last month on 6 days I was able to get a RnR for 8:00pm after my FPs were completed at AK. For MK I found that I could get many FPs for night time, but anything before 8:00pm was very limited. This was also true for attractions a week out. In the past I often would change a Spalsh to a PP on my last day if I had already done Splash a couple of times. I could not make those changes- at all. Morning of or even day before early FPs were limited to attractions I usually will plan on doing stand by.