Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania or Rock'n Rollercoaster

I know that traditional wisdom (and TP) says get Fastpass for Toy Story Mania over Rock’n Rollercoaster, but looking at wait times since they opened the third track at TSM, is it likely that getting a fastpass for Rock’n Rollercoaster is the better option? How much data does TP need before they start changing their recommendations?

When are you going? When we were there in February, I was actually able to get RNR as a fourth fast pass sometime around 12:30 p.m. for five people. I’m sure this would not work in high crowd levels.

TSMM is not a huge priority for me, but I would probably get the FPP for RnRC and hit TSMM right at RD.

Who is traveling in your party? You can single-rider RnR for a shorter wait (most times) but you can’t do that with TSMM.

I agree. Get the Fast Passes for Toy Story. The wait in line for Rockin feels faster than the wait for Toy Story. The single rider line does go faster. Toy Story is always a long, long wait without the FP, and Rockin you can get lucky from time to time.