Fast pass for Radiator Springs

Hi! First trip to DL with my daughter who is 9. I made a personalized touring plan, but it does not recommend getting fast passes for Radiator Springs. It actually recommends riding it third. Everything I have read recommends fast passes for RS. We will be in CA with a crowd of 8/10. Advice? Ignore touring plan and get fast passes? Thanks in advance!

It sometimes depends on what else you’ve got going on during the day. (For example, if you’ve got lunch scheduled during the time that the FP would be assigned.) Post a link to the plan, please, and we can all take a look. Thanks for using the site!


Thanks for the quick response. Here is the link to the plan:

It will just be the two of us, so my daughter will have to come with me when we need to get fast passes.

Hi. We go to DL a lot and this plan is not how I would do things. The crowd levels and suggested waits on the rides have been off quite a bit since last May when the 60th celebration started. RSR will be at least an hour if you do it third. TSMM should be first in your plan, as it does not have fast passes at all. Ride it twice if you want as line will be short. When the park opens, 95% of people head straight to RSR. That makes TSMM a better choice. You will also need a FP for the new Frozen show. They have been running out of FP’s for it by 9:30 in the morning and it is not connected to the ride FP’s so won’t prevent you from getting those. After TSMM I would pick up a FP for RSR, and then get one for the Frozen show. This may seem like a lot of walking, but if the Frozen show is a priority you must get a FP early. While over there ride Monsters Inc and head back to Cars Land. Ride Mater and Luigi. If still time before your RSR FP, ride other things on your list. I hope this helps with a little perspective on the TSMM/RSR order of things.

Can’t say that I agree with the plan. You need to wait in line to get passes for the frozen show. I don’t see that in your plan. It takes 15-20 minutes to get a pass. We were there just 2 weeks ago. Are you staying a Disney resort hotel for early entry? Even if not, what we did was TSMM twice (5 min wait - will be 45min wait later) , then go get fast passes to RSR. We picked up FP at about 8:15(about a ten min wait) with a return time of 1:15p. There are signs that indicate return times before you get it. Then get pass to Frozen show.(in line at 825 for about 20 min). Then we went to meet Frozen princesses (15 min wait at about 910) then did Soaring with 15 min wait. Monsters, jellyfish, skyschool, mermaid can be done anytime with little wait. Don’t waste early morning on those rides. Let me know if you have questions. I also made touring plans but didn’t use them because of the Frozen show. A good website for info is