Fast pass for large group

I’m approaching my fast pass 60 day window. I have a party of 8 under my disney account. Have people noticed that’s an issue (large group?)? Do I grab fast passes for 6 and then try 2? My thought would be to get fast passes for all 8 then leverage good touring plans. Appreciate your thoughts.

For the top few headliners you might need to break up into 2 groups of 4 and get times as close as possible.

Our travel agent was able to book all of our FPs together as a group of 8. That was for our trip in May though so the crowd levels were different. Splitting into groups of 4 might be a better idea for the headliners as @heidelj said.

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Had a group of 8 this past February. One was under 3 so I made FPs for 7. Never any issues securing all of them at once.

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Did a group of 10, staying off site. No problems getting what we wanted, within reason, e.g. no pandora, 7dmt, sdd. rode those during trip without issue.

In 2016 we were a party of 10 and were actually able to snag all the headliners we wanted all together without issue. Remember to grab the first available one you see even if it’s not at the time you want and then try to modify it to an earlier time. We had great success that way.

Note: FOP and SDD were not open then.