Fast Pass + for Large Group

We are preparing for the 60 days out when we can make our Fast Pass + selections. We have a group of 11 people ranging in age from 1-67 including young children ages 1,3, and 5. and are all staying together on the same reservation in a grand villa. I just noticed the My Disney Experince Fast Pass Plus Page says "Indicate who will share the same FastPass+ selections for the day and park you choose" We all have different things we want Fast passes for but want the fast passes for the same time on the attractions where our choices overlap. Does everyone in our group have to have the same fast pass + selections? Obviously the 3 year old isn't going to want a Fastpass for Space Mountain or Soarin but only the parents and the children will want to use a fastpass for Dumbo. I thought I would enter everyone's fast Pass Plus selections so we get the same time on the ones we want to ride together but should everyone do their own so they get the rides they want?

When I make my FPP selections I can check off myself, my son, or everyone. I cannot confirm that is his it works for 11, but can you test it?

I am able to select everybody, but am not yet at the 60 days to see how making the selections works. I just want to be prepared when I'm at the 60 day mark. Thanks!

You can test now. Just pick a date that is 20-30 days from the current date. Just make sure you "cancel" them when you are done practicing. =)

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