Fast pass for HS

My 60 days is coming up in 2 days and while I have made a list of all the fast pass I want and my favorite times to take them, Hs with TSL confuses me. In all the TP I tried, almost no FP are taken into account for them. Using them will not be useful according to the TP generator. Even if I don’t end up taking them, when are the best times for R&R, TOT and TSM or slinky dog?

The problem is - no one knows. Until TSL is opened for long enough to have good statistical data, it really is anyone’s best guess.

Slinky dog is expected to be similar to 7DMT… a roller coaster for little kids. A step up from Barnstormer, a step down or 2 from RNRC.

Whether or not you get a fast pass is really dependent on what else you are doing that day. If you post your plan, someone would be happy to look it over for you.

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The general opinion seems to be that the wait times for the 3 TSL attractions are not accurate and will be significantly longer than the TP software is currently indicating.
From what I have heard from other people, you want SDD or TSM for a FPP, but depending on how far into your trip you are, there may be very limited times available for them.
So pick up whatever one you can - RD the one that is your next must do and then decide if you are willing to wait in whatever the line is for the last one (if you are going only one day to HS)

I post my it on this conversation?

I post my plan on this conversation?

This is a post about how to share it

Here is my plan:

I’m skeptical of the Toy Story Land sequence being wise. I’d expect relatively long waits returning to SDD and AS2 at steps 6/7 at 8:30. After it opens on the 30th we’ll at least start to get some scouting on what’s really happening, precise load speeds etc. I’d probably knock out the 2 TSL rides you don’t have FPP for first, then do RNR, TOT and catch the 3rd TSL ride at your FP+ time. But I’d also plan on paying attention in July to the early reports and plan on adapting your schedule accordingly.

I don’t understand step 10 saying “Leaving the park” and step 15 saying “Staying inside the park” - those seem reversed.

Overall I think you can hit everything on your plan - I think the Toy Story Land stuff is going to be up in the air until we learn more on just how popular it will be. I think knocking off the non-FP stuff early in TSL will be the ideal way to go, but that’s a guess right now. I’d likely get FP for SDD, RNR & TOT with Star Tours your other option…

I would keep a close eye on the TP blog & Youtube pages as TSL rolls out. I don’t think the times you see predicted in this TP are accurate at all. Not only for TSL rides, but overall park wait times will be higher due to higher attendance. The latest TP podcast talks about the impact of new attractions/lands on overall wait times.

I would plan these FPP:
Tier 1 priorities: Slinky if you can get it, if not then get Saucers, if unable to get either then do TSMM.

My general plan would be rope drop whichever TSL rides you don’t have FPP for. If you get SDD, then rope drop Saucers first, then hit TSMM. You’re going to be behind the RD crowd since you’re doing Jedi signups, so just realize your waits may be long, even early. I’m currently 2 weeks out from a short trip & there is quite a bit of TSMM fastpass availability left. It’s possible you’ll be able to get it as a 4th FPP though I wouldn’t count on it.

I probably would leave your entire morning open until Jedi Training to allow for TSL waits. You’ll need to be at Jedi 30 minutes before the show for your child to get ready.

I would plan your RnR & ToT fastpasses for late morning to early afternoon. I like to get these two at back to back times. Hit the first one near the end of your FPP window, then head straight to the second one.

I’d also just make a note of what you’re okay with skipping if things don’t go according to plan. This may be an attraction or it may be your break. Just be flexible & have fun!

How old are your kids?
Is this the only day you will be in HS?

My personal experience is that I don’t need a full day in HS. However, taking a midday break with TSL opening may not be a great idea.

I agree with the others who have suggested keeping your eyes open in July for what’s happening on the ground. I wouldn’t put any faith in this touring plan right now.

Also, realize your walk time to get to/from RNRC and TOT. IMO, they are really far away from the rest of the attractions in HS. I would consider aspect that in the overall planning for the day.

My kids are 7 and 10, both boys. I planned to go back on the 24, in the evening. They are quite the Star Wars fans, TS, Not so much but I think they will like SSD since it is soft. They will love TSMM. I will take a FP at around 11@12 for TOT and RNRC for 12@13. SDD fp for 8@9 and try to work the rest around them. What to you think?