Fast Pass+ (extra)

I have my morning Fast Passes scheduled for SDMT, Belle, and Peter Pan. They will be done by noon. Will I have a good chance of getting Fast Passes for Pirates of Carribean, Splash Mountain, or Thunder Mountain in the afternoon from the kiosks? I realize I can only get one at a time.

I am also going on a Day 6 at the end of January.

Most likely one of the three will be available, but you may have to wait a few hours.

What is inappropriate?

Nothing you said is “inappropriate” - that’s just a tag line. Mine is “Wanna Be Domestique”. Not sure how @PrincipalTinker got the “Inappropriate!” Tag line…

At times Laurel will give titles. Inappropriate is my title- I can only assume it is because I have never, ever been inappropriate in my life :wink: Assume it is irony (that is my story and I am sticking to it).

I will admit that I love my title …

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I thought I put my question in the wrong forum or something. I am kind of new to this. Thanks for the quick response! (:

Your question was in the prefect place! Welcome to the forum! I will admit the first time I saw my title I panicked (It may or may not have been an appropriate label). I thought I was in big trouble!