FAST Pass - Epcot: Soarin vs Test Track


Which is better to schedule FAST pass at Epcot? Soarin OR Test Track? Single rider is not an option at Test Track because I want to ride it with my children together.
I have to choose one to stand by queue OR try a new FAST pass After.


If it is just the 3 of you, I have had very good luck getting Soarin’ for a 4th in the afternoon. I would do TT as one of my 3.


I agree that I’d FPP TT over Soarin’ - especially if you are planning to hit TT early.

First thing in the morning TT has a good chance of being down, if that happens you end up with an anytime FPP and then can hit Soarin for more rides, FEA, or whatever.

That’s my family’s go to move. We got to take 3 rides on Soarin last trip at RD and then scored a FPP later in day as well.


Test Track - it breaks down a lot.


FP Test Track for sure!!


I agree, TT for sure. It breaks down and can’t be ridden when it’s raining.