Fast pass day tomorrow, need help!

i have 6 days of one park per day. tomorrow is fast pass day. (arriving may 6) I am having trouble choosing what 2 parks to do twice. So, all 4 parks, then MK again, then what? we do like the bigger rides, but also like to explore. As of now, i have epcot as the choice, but need feedback as we have never been there. (me, wife, 9 yo son) Thanks!

I picked Epcot as my second, but also kind of wish I had another AK day. It’s a super tough decision.

My choice is AK. There is so much to do! Many dismiss the safari at night, the Rafiki’s planet watch, or even the wilderness explorers. AK provides a true learning experience and interestingly enough it feels more like the Epcot of my childhood with all that awe and discovery.


I agree with the other posters: it’s AK or Epcot and that’s a tough call.

Based on how I’m scheduling my upcoming trip, I guess I’d vote for AK. There’s a lot to see and do.

I think you can do justice to Epcot in a full day. I’m not sure how much of it you’d want to do again on the same trip. AK certainly has things you’d want to do again.

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Also, with two AK days, you can get FPPs for both Na’vi and FOP.

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I’d do AK. I think you can do all of the nicest rides in Epcot in one day plus a little of the World Showcase. Day 2 would probably be lower priority or repeat rides and lots of the World Showcase, and I’m not sure that a 9 year old would enjoy that more than AK, you know? And it seems to me like there’s plenty to explore in AK (as long as you’re interested in animals and their habitats). Take my advice with a huge grain of salt as I haven’t been to WDW in 20 years. I can’t wait to go in May!

Do you have hoppers? There’s always the “why pick one when you can do both” mentality if you do! We’re actually doing 1.5 days in Epcot and another 1.5 in Animal Kingdom.

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For me, there’s absolutely no argument - it’s Epcot, hands-down!! There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, plus with two FP days, you get to hit all the major rides without having to decide which you want to do. Your son’s age is perfect for Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, if you want to explore with a purpose. Plus, the window shopping in World Showcase is awesome, and I’m a pro window shopper. :slight_smile: I don’t really like AK. I think the safari is worth it, I’m a huge fan of Festival of the Lion King and It’s Tough to Be a Bug, and of course Pandora, but otherwise, I find AK falls flat. My daughter was terrified by Dinosaur, and she won’t do roller coasters, so we never give AK more than half a day. As a previous poster mentioned, if you can add the park hopper, even for just one day, it may really help give you a little piece of mind. I love to flipflop MK and Epcot - do morning in one, and afternoon/evening at the other. And then do the reverse another day. Then you can make a beeline for your desired rides at rope drop, go back to the hotel, take a nap, and then do dinner and fireworks at night - or ride rides while everyone else is watching fireworks.

so hollywood is out of the question? been to disneyland a few times in the last year, which is comparable to MK. so hard to decide. Maybe MK only one day since skipping peter pan, and most similar to disneyland rides?

If I had to pick a second day between AK or EP, that would be tough. I love EP for the World Showcase just as much for the rides, but for a 9yo - I would definitely choose AK, especially if they like thrill rides such as EE. The beauty of the zoo addition of the park is that the animals are never doing the same thing every time. Every KS ride is different, every trail experience is different. Plus, it has FOP which is by and far my favorite ride on the property.

Yup. Easy call.

Definitely out of the question - 1 day is more than enough right now.

In that case I would do EP and AK on the extra two days.

Last fall my son who just turned 10 said that AK was his absolute favorite and can’t wait to go back. So my vote is AK!

Have to go with AK because of many more FP choices and FOP-some say it is hands down the best ride ever at Disney. Plus the Safari, Everest, Dinosaur and 2 of the best shows in all the parks if you don’t see both on your first day there (Nemo & Friends and Festival of the Lion King) Epcot would be my second choice for sure over HS.

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Because you have a 9 yo son, I would vote AK. My 11 year DS gets a little bored with the WS. Now with Pandora there is a lot to see at AK and having two days would be ideal.

ok. another question. if i already have magic bands, already linked, that i purchased on my own, and now have new magic bands coming with my disney resort 1 day stay, will that cause an issue. i wanted to still get them because our names will be on them.

Nope - no issues with that. You can use either set of bands (or even both if you want).

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so are the new bands automatically linked?

Yes, they’ll already be linked to your accounts when you receive them.

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