Fast Pass Day a Success. Thanks to all & newbie tips

Hi everyone. Last night at 11:00pm (Australian time) my fast pass window opened. Visiting WDW for 10 nights with DH and DS7 from March 25. Had stalked this site for over a year and prepared for this day. The new tiers released for HS (on top of 10 days in the parks) helped, but the knowledge of all of you gave me success. Got all fast passes I wanted!! Just wanted to say thanks to you all! Below are the tips I’ve learnt from you for any newbies coming up to their fast pass booking day:

  • Have list of all fast passes ready to go.
  • The above list should be in booking order NOT chronological order. i.e SDD and FoP should be high on the list even if you are visiting those parks later in your trip.
  • Stay calm if you receive any strange errors in MDE. I couldn’t work out why it saying I had an overlapping booking, when I didn’t. I just moved on and then went back to that one later.
  • If the only time available is hours before/after what you want, grab it anyway! Was very easy to modify fast passes to different times this morning (12 hours after original booking).

Thanks again everyone, was much easier than I anticipated for the busy Spring Break time but I think it was actually good prep - learnt from the best liners. I’m just waiting for word on MMRR, Space 220 and Star Wars dessert party so trip can be fully planned. I know I’ll hear the news here first.