Fast Pass Confusion Question

First, thanks so much for taking the time to read my question. Can someone help me clear up conflicting information that I have read? I am planning to park hop between Epcot in the morning and then MK that evening. We have dinner reservations at BOGuest that evening at 7. I have two fast passes for Epcot that day for TT and a SSE. My plan was to go to Epcot for 1/2 a day and then head back to the resort (POFQ) and then to dinner at M K BOG. I thought once I used my second Epcot fast pas I would try to get a fast pass at MK before or after dinner. I have heard in order to do that I would need to book a third fast pass at Epcot? Is this so? I thought I could book at another park after I had used all of the ones I had for the original park. If I need to book another Epcot TII FPP what are your suggestions (Family of 4: myself, DH, DD 23 and DD 21) ? We will be there the third week in December. Thanks so much for clearing this confusion for me

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Welcome to the forum! You do not have to book a 3rd Epcot fast pass. When fast pass was first rolled out you did have to book all three. Now, you can actually book that magic kingdom fast pass once you scan into your first Epcot fast pass!


WAHOOP! Thanks for the answer and the welcome. I am sure I will be posting many more questions. We have been to WDW many times but not since the magic bands. Thanks again!

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That is a detail I did not know either, thanks! Here is another twist. I have AP but others in my group have one park per day passes. We will be in HS the morning before our MNSSHP. Our party tickets are on a separate MDE so we could book FPP on the party tickets for MK. However, we really don’t need 3 FPP in HS due to EEMH and only being there for the morning. Would they be able to book their 3rd FPP for later in MK after using the first one in HS, or not because of the 1PPD pass? Would the fact they are not using their multi day ticket for admission to MK mean they could not access FPP there thru it? And would I with an AP even be able to use FP in MK that day if I am admitted via party ticket rather than my AP?

That is a good question! @Nicky_S, can you weigh in on this?

I didn’t know this as well…so if I have say 3 AK FP for the morning and then will be going to Epcot at night, as soon as I scan in my first AK FP, I can book one at Epcot for the evening?

I think with their non-hopper tickets they will be limited to one park for booking FPs on that ticket even on the day. In the same way that anyone with a mid-day ticket cannot book FPs before noon.

Having your party tickets on a separate account means you can all book FPs in MK. The system in this case simply recognises a valid ticket and will allow you to book FPs at any time; the onus is on you to be able to use the FPs.

But when you enter MK on your party tickets you are all aliases. Your real selves are not in MK. And the aliases have FPs, which you can use if you booked them between 3:30pm and 6pm.

(You could in theory enter as you on your AP, and then scan in for the party. So you could book that third FP on the AP, but your friends would need to ride stand-by).

Does that make sense?

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Yes it does. Thank you!