Fast pass confusion on touring plan

Hi there, I’m new here and I’m getting a bit confused with how to use my fast passes.

I have the ultimate guide adult selective plan for MK, and its put Peter Pan at 1.20pm, but the FastPass time recommended in the description is 11am.

Do I try and book fast passes nearest to the times on the touring plan schedule (1.20PM), or go with the recommended time in the description which is…

Additional Notes:

Suggested start times for advance FastPass+ reservations: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train=9:00 AM;Big Thunder Mountain Railroad=10 AM;Peter Pan’s Flight=11 AM.

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It’s putting it in at 1.20 because that’s the best time for it without a FP, but it’s telling you what time to try to get the FP. When you’ve booked them, you can tell the plan what you’ve got and optimise and it will use the new information to put everything in the best order. You should optimise a few times until it’s stable.


oh that totally makes sense!! thank you so much for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:


No problem!

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I just chose fast passes this morning for Feb 19-21.but do not know how to incorproate hem into my touring plans. Where do I put them in to rejigger the plans.

You add them at the top. I can’t do it on my phone but wil post some screen shots later if nobody beats me to it.

Here’s the image @missoverexcited is talking about.

Thank you so much