Fast pass choices

Greetings fellow Disney Guru’s. Am getting close to my 30day fast pass start date, however after not being to Disney for 4 years I need some help.
Can anyone recommend my best option for fast pass choices at the main parks. We have one day at each park starting from ROpe drop. Which order should I do them in, and we want to do all rides and attractions.
If anyone can help me I would be internally grateful

I find these maps and cheat sheets a good place to start. You should also make a customized TP on this site. It will help you a bunch.

Pretty much all of the ready-made TPs have FPP recommendations - check them out at and see if one of them works for you.

Better yet, make your own personalized touring plans and use them to help you determine the best FPP reservations to get based on what you want to do.

In magic kingdom. I feel as if seven dwarf mine train and peter pan would be great choices for fast passes. Peter pan you can skip if it is the first thing you do at rope drop. It is one that gets long lines fast

Epcot. It is a matter of picking your teir 1 choice and figuring which to rope drop. I recommend fast pssing test track and rope dripping soaring. Or if you have a princess that must do forever ever after that should be your fast pass

Animal kingdom. There is a small chance you will get flight of passage. Good luck.

Hollywood studo again pick your teir one.

Remember when there is a teir one and 2 teir twos you will need to use bott twir 2s becofe you get another teir one.

Another point is once you tap in for a fast pss you can change the time if yiur next pass maybe getting one fir when you walk off the one you are one. Play with the app on your phone beforehand to be familiar with it.

This may also help:

Can’t argue with @brklinck; sound advice. [quote=“deannbob, post:1, topic:36063”]
we want to do all rides and attractions.

You can’t. Period. DHS and AK maybe (although Pandora will make this more difficult), EP doubtful, and MK no way; especially with August crowds and the chances of being able to survive RD to closing without a mid-day break. Accept this fact up front and develop reasonable plans that have your “most important” attractions in them.


Agreed. Let everyone in your party pick their top 3 attractions in MK. Then make a plan including those and optimise. That will give you an idea of how long it would take. Then you can add things in if time allows.

At Epcot, even just walking the entire way round WS without veering off the main path to explore any of the gardens, shops, or visiting the attractions would take a while. Pick 2 or 3 countries you want to explore.

DHS - the shows are the trickiest to schedule in, so decide which one or two you rally want to see.

At AK, Pandora is going to be tricky. At RD it seems the rest of the park is empty, it may make more sense to do that first but do not arrive at Pandora mid afternoon. Wait until the evening if you don’t rope drop it.

The personalised touring plans can give you an idea of what is realistic.

Once you have the outline plans, you could publish them here and ask for advice.

For AK even waiting until the evening to do Pandora may not work, we were there last week and the wait time at midnight was 150 mins…

Fellow Disney experts, thanks so much for your help I shall piece together a plan based on your tips​:facepunch::facepunch::facepunch: