Fast pass choices and in park extra passes

I will be able to choose my Fast Passes on Friday since I am hitting the 60 day mark. Awesome! I am trying to get my plans ready, so I can choose the recommended fast passes. Hopefully I can get passes at the recommended times. I am trying to figure out the optimize/evaluate process. My girls are ages nearly 8 and 11, so I am focusing on the family with Tween plans.

How will this all work when I get to the park, and I can get more passes? Will I add that to my plan somehow? How can I make sure I stay on track with my plan with the in-park passes?

I like to think of extra FPs as bonus rides or time saved in my plan, instead of counting on them. Make your plan without them, and then get them if you can. As soon as you tap your MBs at the entry to your third FP, you can look for new ones. I find it tricky to do it while walking in line towards the attraction, but it can be done!

Yes, you’ll have to adjust what you’re doing to use the new ones. It does tend to flow logically once you see what’s available and choose the best looking one - hopefully something you actually want to do that’s maybe not to far away and at a reasonable time. If you have a vague idea of where things are, that can help you minimize walking.

If you want to optimize your plan in the parks, you just do the new FP (without entering it into your plan.) Then take the time to mark everything you’ve finished as “done” and optimize what’s left of your plan when you’re ready to start again. If you prefer to use a printed plan and not let the software re-order things, then it might be a good idea to build a couple of 15 minute break times into the afternoons so that you can do the other things in your plan around new FPs without getting too far off track.

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Ok. That is kind of what I was thinking. So, about entering the new fast pass into the plan…do I do that with the fast pass time after i have marked all my completed attractions as ‘done.’ ?

I hope that makes sense! Thanks for taking the time to answer my question :slight_smile:

Do you mean entering the 3 FPs you get today into your plans? Or do you mean new, extra FPs that you get in the parks? Just clarifying so I don’t ramble on about the wrong question. :slight_smile: Good luck this morning! Getting the perfect times really isn’t as important as it feels. Whatever you get will work out. Really!

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m such a perfectionist…Disney planning can get intense! I meant the passes you get in the park after the initial pre-scheduled ones are expired.

I’m just going to add them & optimize & hope for the best😉

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Yeah, that’s a good plan. If you want to go all-in with letting optimize arrange things, it can work out really well. It you’re comfortable with using your phone a lot while touring, and have a good cell service plan (Disney wi-fi can be frustrating) then go for it. Maybe bring along a printed copy of your original plan, just in case.

Even if you don’t initially get the perfect time but the ride you want pops up, grab it and then afterwards you can modify to try and get a better time. This works for on the day FPs too! As soon as we tapped into our 3rd FP we would get on MDE and try and bag the next FP whilst in the queue. Even if a ride we really wanted didn’t popup we’d book another ride that was a second choice and then keep modifying with refresh until occasionally our first choice would show up. We found this really successful. But with regards to 60 days out we managed to get everything we wanted at the time we wanted.