Fast Pass changes at WDW! Loopholes no more

Not on strict reading. Stating a true affirmative doesn’t mean the negative is false. It’s like saying “In Denver visitors will have blue skies.”. It doesn’t mean that if you leave Denver, you leave blue skies. For that to be true, the statement should be “Only in Denver is the sky blue” or “You MUST be in Denver to see blue skies.” There’s no Only or Must in the wording from Disney.

Similarly, the fact that off-site guests only have 30 days doesn’t explicitly exclude anyone else from making FP arrangements then. That’s like saying “Visitors to Seattle can expect rain.” Well, it rains in Denver, too. One statement is not related to the other. We put them together in our minds, but they are completely separate statements.

Furthermore, the gold standard is what’s in the Terms & Conditions of one’s room agreement. Fastpasses aren’t even listed!! I encourage everyone to read the fine print. Disney basically can change anything at anytime for any reason. They are deliberately opaque about this and many other issues for a reason- it’s less trouble for them if they change their policies.

And finally, there is NO language anywhere, as I am making or reviewing my on-site reservation that mentions 30 day FP for onsite guests. No. Where. I wouldn’t even know that’s the new “policy” that people say I’m subject to if I cancel my leading reservation. But I’m not subject to it. We visitors are literally making up a rule that Disney doesn’t have, by linking two statements that are neither linked semantically or in practice.

Also, sometimes I kick the hornets nest just for fun. This is one of those times. :wink:

If you think that’s fun, I’m worried about you! :wink:

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Now don’t get me talking about analogies and metaphors, you’ll be sorry you did.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My teacher always told me that an analogy is when you use the word “like” and a metaphor is when you use the word “is”.

I like analogies. (See. That’s an analogy! My teacher said so!)

A metaphor is nice, too. (See! That’s a metaphor!)

What I find tricky, however, is a “mixed metaphor”, which is, I presume, when you use “is” more than once.

A metaphor is nice if it is said nicely. (See…that’s a mixed metaphor, but they can be tricky!)


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But your metaphors aren’t nice. Not as metaphors. They might be quite charming and kind as individual nouns, however. :smile:

And just because Disney does not explicitly say you can’t make FPs 60 days out for those not staying on Disney property, doesn’t mean you can or should use throwaway rooms or book rooms you intend to cancel. And it doesn’t mean it is policy or intentionally permitted by Disney. No one is being criminally charged or kicked out of Disney for doing this. Disney is probably seeing an effect on the bottom line and hearing complaints from customers/guests about the practice. A loophole that has been exploited is being fixed, hopefully. One of the things that is sad to me is that we all know anytime Disney does updates to the MDE, it creates a mess. So this is affecting people in more ways than one.

And I agree that it’s more of an ethical situation and decision.

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(Oh, great. @Alewis678, here, is trying to keep us “on topic”. Such a spoil sport!!!)


I was already typing before you added your comment. Haha!

And I will go to my grave believing fully that a hotel doesn’t care an iota if you pay for the room and not sleep there. Whether they explicitly say that or not.

If anything I think these conversations may intrigue more guests to try leading reservations.

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I agree. It’s a win-win for them, they get their money and don’t have to do any cleaning or upkeep.

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I agree. In fact, I expect “leading reservations” to become more and more common among on-site guests as more people learn about them. Maybe not for years, but down the road, I think WDW will do something about on-site leading reservations for later on-site stays.

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I expect it won’t effect me as I have plans for more DLR after this upcoming MVMCP trip. I do expect TDC will proceed carefully with any FP+ cancellations if there are still booked trips for guests. Too many legit cases of date finagling.

There’s a very easy solution actually, thinking about it.

Think ADRs and split stays. Problem solved. Won’t be popular amongst those who do split stays, but I would accept it if it wipes out the whole issue.