Fast Pass Capacity Problem

Hello! I made our July fast passes a few days ago. I went in to modify a few times and noticed that one of our days just has fast passes listed for my husband. There are six of us going. When we tried to add the other people, it says that the rest of us have reached our maximum fast pass capacity. If you look at our plans, it now shows that my husband is the only one with fast passes for that day. Does anyone know why it says the rest of us have exceeded our limit when we don’t have any?

Did you like at both the app and the website?

Yes. Same thing.

Give it a few hours or until tomorrow. It sounds like a glitch, and it happens often.


Thanks! I’m not even sure why I’m messing with them!

Yeah, we had all our ADRs go missing for a day before our trip in January. They reappeared. I would screenshot or “print to pdf” everything you have booked just in case.