Fast Pass - can it be used by others?

In our group of 9 going to Disney we have a 3 year old as well as a senior in our party that can’t or won’t ride some of the bigger rides. If we were to book fast passes for them even though they can’t ride can someone else in our party use their fast passes instead?

Sure, just swap bands - or tickets if you don’t have magic bands.

Just make sure that the person has scanned and entered the park that day.

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This was discussed on Backside of Magic today. They did mention that the bands did need to show park entry as Principal Tinker noted.

My concern is with what the CM might see at some rides. Either last year or the year before I entered TSMM FPP first with my two sons next and my wife last. One CM said “Hi Andrew” to my first son through. I looked back at the podium the CM’s were at. When my other son scanned his name appeared on the screen and I remember his age being next to his name.

Yes, what is on the MB is seen by the CMs but it is not against the rules and they will not stop you.

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What’s to stop a phantom 2YO that does not need park entry?

A two year old does not need a ticket either. They ride on a parent’s FP. BoM noted that I’d you parked a ticket there and used it you were chancing a lock. They predicted you could talk your way around it, but you have to put effort into scamming the system.

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Thank You!

Thanks for the responses. I’m a bit hesitant to try given they can see names and ages nor do we want to risk having any accounts locked. It’s not that we’re trying to scam the system it’s just a shame for fast passes to go to waste with paid tickets and yes they would be in the park with us.

If the ticket holder has scanned their MB that day then there is no reason not to use the FP. It is allowed and not against any rules. If the ticket was not scanned that day, then you cannot use FPs. In that case you would have to work the system to use them.


You can do it. There’s no risk at all, as long as they are in the park with you.

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Ok thanks. Just thought it might be a bit suspicious booking a fast pass for a 3 year old on say Rockin Roller Coaster when clearly she wouldn’t be able to ride. Thanks for your help!

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You could also get a rider swap for that ride too if the 3 year old is with you. If they entered the park earlier and left for a break you can just use their FP.

There’s nothing to be suspicious about. It’s completely within the rules. A 3 yo is entitled to 3 FPs.

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My DH and I do this every trip. Example - I don’t do “thrill” rides so would book his FP for ST and mine for ToT in the same block of time. He rides ST then we switch bands and he rides ToT. I shop and people watch while he rides. We have never had any issues.