Fast Pass Booth Wait Time

I created TPs for DLR in October. One of them starts with my going straight to the FP booth for BTMR and spending 40 minutes there. Is this accurate? It doesn’t seem like the best use of my time.

I removed the step and evaluated the plan. It gave me only a 12-minute wait for BTMR. It increases the wait time for IJA by 43 minutes, but I think I’d rather stand in the queue for IJA than for a FP. Plus, it actually increases my free time for the day by nearly three hours.

Am I missing something here? Is there any reason why the FP booth might be a better option?

Here are the TPs:

Plan 1:
Plan 2:

The reason you’re having issues is that you chose to use early entry hour but then you have no attractions listed that are open for early entry. If you turn off early entry, change your start time to 10am, and re-optimize, you should get more reasonable results. Or add an attraction that IS open for early entry. Otherwise the TP is going to have you “wait” at anything you put first until the expected 10am open.

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I had forgotten that some of the attractions are not open for EE. I added IJA and SpaM, and my TP looks much more reasonable.

Thank you for the clarification and for the link.

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