Fast Pass back up choices

Hi! I’m planning our first trip to Disney World. We are staying off property, so now that I can book fast passes, I’m finding that the ones we want (the ones recommended by Touring Plans) are already out. How do you decide what the “back up” choices for fast pass would be if the first choice ones are not available?

For the rides we wanted that have any times available, I’ve booked the afternoon times in the hopes that we can modify it to a morning by checking back regularly. I read that sometimes times come up when modifying that don’t show up when doing initial booking.

I am interested in figuring out how to pick a sub for 7DMT and Peter Pan which are not available at all at this point. Is there somewhere where TP would tell the next best choices?

We have small-ish boys (5 & 6) so we are using the 2 day plan for small children as a base. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

You should figure out what rides / attractions you and the boys want to do that will have the longest wait times, and get fastpasses for those.

I think your best shot for ppf and sdmt is if they extend park hours. They’ll add fp for the new park time. But I don’t know if they ever do that in March or if they will for your dates.

Tell us what FPs you already have and I’m sure we can suggest others. I’d keep checking for Peter Pan (and 7DMT, but that’s far less likely). It surprises me that Peter Pan wasn’t available at 30 days. and I disagree about the best shot being extending park hours. When that happens, it’s late at night, too late for most children.

The advice to just look at what we want to do and pick the longest wait makes sense. I think there is just so much planning with this trip I was panicked!

Right now I have: Winnie the pooh at 10:35, Peter Pan (I did get it, just not as early as I was hoping) 4:20 and Enchanted Tales with Belle at 5:20. I’m checking back to see if I can move PP earlier, and if I can get enchanted tales with belle on our last MK day I’ll switch it for something else. We will leave the park to rest from about 11:30-2:30.

The plan doesn’t seem awful with PP and Belle in the afternoon, I guess the biggest disadvantage is that we would only be able to add one fast pass at a time the day of after we do Pooh.

You might be better off dropping the Belle and PP FPPs and pick something earlier so that you can utilize same-day FPPs throughout the day. It will probably save you more time in the long rung. Although, I’m saying that without knowing what the predicted wait times for PP are! But if you can save 10 minutes each across 5 rides, for example, that could be more than the FPP time savings on PP itself.

We had the same issue with a late ETWB fp on our MK day. I didn’t want to drop the fp, so I decided we would rd 3 small rides and then hit ETWB (around 9:40) and see how the line was. We only stopped for a few moments before we were sent into a room as a group. So then I was able to modify that fp to something else and we could do 4th fp all day.

I know you’ll also be rding 7DMT, so it might be tough to do that, then PPF, and then ETWB without the lines building up. Would you be able to move one of those rd goals to your last MK day? Like day 1, rd 7DMT and ETWB and then last day PPF and something else?

But like I said, I’d think about keeping the fp until that day unless you would be exchanging it for another headliner that’s likely to sell out of fp.

Splitting them up between the days is a good idea. Keeping it and cancelling if we can get on is also a great thought. Thank you!

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Maybe you’ll have better luck with times for your 2nd day. Buzz Lightyear, meeting Mickey, and Pirates are also good choices for boys that age.

Yes, definitely look for better times at your next FP day and then decide on a new plan.