Fast Pass and the build-a-car part of Test Track

If you use Fast Pass for Test Track, do you miss out on the build a car and see it on the ride?

No you won’t miss out on it. We had FPs for TT and were still able to build a car.

Of course you get to build it - otherwise, what car would you test out on the track?? {wink, wink, nudge, nudge!}

Thanks! Appreciate the replies. We have a 6-year-old CAR LOVER and I would hate for him to miss out on that part - but equally hate to wait in the non-fast pass line with his 4 year old brother.

When we went a couple years ago it was a “slimmed down” version of build a car. You had very limited options unlike the standby line. Next time we go I am going to get the FP for Soarin an hit up Test Track first thing in the morning because the standby line is more “fun” than soarin for my 3 young boys…

Yes, the build a car was different for FP and stand by (and single rider) a couple of weeks ago. It was really no more than picking a car, you couldn’t choose all the options and such.

now I am concerned . . need to book my fast passes for trip soon and was going to FP TT. But if we miss the build a car part my son will kill me. Any other experience with whether it is different?

My understanding is that FP users get to build the car.
But I can tell you first-hand that if you use the SINGLE RIDER line, you don’t get to build the car.
Single-rider is a great way to “pseudo-FP” this attraction, IMO… as long as you don’t mind not building the car.

I believe you can also go around to the exit, build a car there, and then link it to your MagicBand. That would also mean that he can build as many cars as his little heart desires/you are willing to tolerate :wink:

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FP definitely allows you to build a car. I have done it a few times now.

We were there last week, with two Epcot days. We FP soaring one day, Test track the second. We definitely had the full build experience.

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I am sorry I gave the wrong information. I got my times on TT confused. We did it single rider, FP and single rider where they moved us to the stand by line early, it all got mixed up in my brain. When we did single rider we didn’t get to do the full experience (except when for some reason they moved us a different way and we ended up going in the line with the other riders).

We were just there and went through both lines. The FP line gave you the full car designing experience whereas the single rider line gave you about 30 seconds to pick a basic car design before moving you along.

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