Fast Pass and Non-planners

I am new to the touring plans site but not new to Disney. My family enjoys Disney a lot but we’ve always been the kind who decide when we are at Disney what park we feel like going to. I know…crazy but since we’ve been enough times to try most things we like to be flexible on our trips. Well, we are going in June this year and are now having to plan in advance for the parks. I’m just curious if there are any non-planners out there who have already gone through this and what you thought about having plans made in advance. I know no matter what we will have a great time, it is Disney after all. :grinning:

We have always planned most portions of our trips, leaving just two days (a break day and the last day) unplanned, but spontaneity and FPP don’t really go together. I’ve heard a couple of friends who were much like you, deciding the night before where they were going and doing the FP sprint.

I can’t help you out here because I am a serious planner - DW and I like to make the most out of any vacation, so we essentially have TPs for everywhere we go. :smile:

I know that there are some non-planners (and reformed non-planners) in the Liner community, so I hope they will chime in.

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I had the thought of either planning all the FP either in the am or pm and then being spontaneous the other half of the day. I’m not sure if it’s possible to plan FP like that but if so that could work for us. I have to admit it is kind of fun to plan some of the trip and think about all the fun we are going to have.

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We plan rd to lunch. After lunch is a free for all. Also plan AK shows and cs dining short lists for each day . This works well when we go over Easter. Next time might swap some rd for evening fpp tp instead.

We’re with @mumcalsop… we plan a general area/strategy for the morning (FPP times usually 9:30/10:30/11:30), then leave the afternoon/evening to fate and our moods. A few times we’ve completely scrapped our plans (e.g. once we didn’t use ANY of our booked FPP, and sometimes we’ve only used one of 3 booked). Remember, Disney is STILL fun if you have ZERO FPP, and there are usually LOTS of FPP left for most days on the day before/day of. Relatively few exceptions that run out or have low availability, such as 7DMT, TSMM, parades/fireworks, and some M&Gs (A&E, Epcot Character Spot, Outpost@AK); sometimes Soarin’ times get a little thin, also.
Our TP sometimes consists of: “Start at Buzz, go to Fantasyland, do Pooh and PP early.” Or “Race for TSMM, then wander around and meet characters before going to a show”. We are saved by Rope Drop.
Happy planning!

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Thanks for all the info! This is our first time going in June so I wasn’t sure how all flexible we could be since it’s probably busier than the usual time we go (fall/spring). Sounds like we will be able to have some flexibility with which park to go to either in the morning or afternoon depending on how we can set up our FP. Either way, it will be a fun time!

We took our kids (4 and 2) last month for the first time and I was hesitant to over-plan. We ended up creating a separate morning and afternoon TP for the day we visited MK. I didn’t follow the TP exactly - it was more of a guide to outline which attractions we wanted to see in the morning vs. the afternoon/evening.
It worked out AWESOME! It helped to keep all of the attractions organized in my mind and I also played around with adding/deleting/moving attractions to see how much time everything might take - I didn’t want to set myself up for a rushed morning and empty evening so seeing how much time the TP alloted for each ride was really helpful.
We booked FP for the rides that the TP deemed the longest wait and then ended up switching a few while we were actually in the park.
Keep in mind we were there at the end of Feb on a level 3 day so never had to wait more than 5 minutes in any line!
Long story short, we didn’t TP to a T, but it definitely helped us to visualize the timing of everything we wanted to see that day!

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