Fast pass 60 days out for resort guests?

My arrival date at SSR is May 10th 2017, when can I start making FP selections? Also, we’ll be using our initial 3 FP’s and then grabbing more each day so I’ve been logging into MDE to get a glimpse of what FP might be available on certain days in order to just have an idea but I noticed it will only let me search 30 days out. I called CS and they said on exactly 60 days out of my trip is when the the option to view FP availability for 60 days out will occur. Is that true? I don’t want to take any chances. I logged on today (3/5/17) and I can only view FP options up until 4/4/17. Since I’m a resort guest and purchased my tickets through WDW and both are linked and showing up in my MDE account shouldn’t I be able to view FP opportunities up until 5/4/17 if I logged on today? Any help is appreciated.

You won’t be able to view 60 days out until 60 days before your onsite stay begins - the system knows that if you’re more than 60 days away, you must be staying offsite so can’t make FP more than 30 days out. If that makes sense! It’s not set up for you just to look, it assumes you are making FP right then.

By the end of this week you’ll be able to see all of the days of your trip, unfortunately you have to be in that 60 day window of your check in.

You are only allowed to view 30 days until you are 60 days out from your hotel stay. Then the 60 day window will open. It is the same with an AP. You can view/book only 30 days out unless you have a hotel stay and then the 60 day window opens when you are 60 days out from your arrival.

Wow such quick responses. You guys are great. Thanks so much. I was worried there was a glitch and on day 60 I would be on the phone with Disney IT trying to get it fixed while others were snagging all the good FP times.

Does anyone happen to know if the FPPs are 60 Days + 10 like the ADRs? We’ve always gone less than 10 days, but we’re planning a 14-day trip next time, so it got me wondering.

In theory you will be able to book for the first 10 days at 60 days out, and then the remaining days on a rolling basis day by day. So the day after you start you can book day 11 and so on.

However for my trip at Christmas, I went on at 60 days and I was able to book the whole trip. 13 days in our case. I had everything written out for the first 10 days, and then had to pause and check my plans for the rest!

You may get lucky, no idea how often this happens. That was our first trip since the new system.

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Previously we booked our FPP at 12:01am EST at 60 days out. Prior to that you can only go 30 days ahead.
We just booked last week for our most recent trip. There must have been a glitch because I could not book my FPP until about 7:15 am. I still got everything I wanted (Plus or Minus about 30 minutes)


Just double checked on official site.

You can book at 60 days out from your check in date for the entire length of your stay, up to the number of days of tickets you have linked.

So if you are staying 14 days, you can book for all 14 days at 60 days out from day 1, assuming you have tickets for 14 days. If you had 7 day tickets you could book for any 7 days during your stay; you would not be allowed to make them for an 8th day.

So if you were staying 21 days, you could book for all 21 days, tickets permitting.

So if I’m staying for 8 days but have a 7 day park hopper, will I be able to book FP for the 8th day since one day in the middle of our stay we will be doing universal?

Yes. The tickets are valid for 14 days, so you can book for any 7 days within 14 days from the first day. They don’t have to be consecutive.

Thank you. That’s what I thought.