Fast & Furious (movie and ride)

I haven’t watched any of the Fast & Furious movies, but there’s a new ride at UOR so I thought I should. F&F7 was on tv a while back, so I recorded it and I’m finally getting round to watching it.

My questions to you all are:

  1. Is there actually any point in me watching it? After half an hour I get it — a bunch of hot guys and hot women drive around, kill each other and blow stuff up. Am I missing anything?

  2. Is the ride really that bad? Could I skip it and my life would not be worse because of skipping it?

I’m not really into cars. Or party buses. Or pretending I’m going to a party.

I am a big believer in trying everything once but there is always next year.

I haven’t actually seen any of them but I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say you’ve got the idea and it’s just the same thing in all of them.

No idea about the ride.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movies, and I’ve seen nothing that would lead me to a different observation than yours. I’m willing to try any ride at least once (I even went on Stitch), but it would probably fall into the “I’ve done everything else and the park is still open” category…


Yes, I think I’m going to file it there, too.

I haven’t seen the movies, but really liked the ride. If you’re already there, you might as well try it.

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The first two movies were decent and then went waaaaayyyyy off the grid. Hot girls, muscle head guys, fast cars, guns, violence, money. That’s it! My boys are fans and I personally think we will enjoy the line better than the ride itself.

Side note: Any of you who have seen the movies and thought that they were decent, but love to make fun of them, need to see the movie Superfast. It is a Fast and Furious spoof and it is hilarious! That movie might adequtely prepare you for the ride just as well, but actually be entertaining.

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I hated the ride. But I also had 11 year olds with me and did not like the messages from the ride. I also have not seen the films, I hate party buses, I do not like objectifying women, etc. So I should have skipped it. And the ride just was not even fun. We were in the front of the bus with the fake driver’s head in front of us: I just did not get it. I agree with the other person: “if you have nothing else to do…”

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You know, I’ve seen the movies and like any franchise, you can choose to suspend criticism and enjoy it or criticize the hell out of it. Having said that, I have not ridden the ride yet and am contemplating the same as you for my trip in Sept. They could make it special and great or they could make it lame and unworthy. How do you approach your entertainment?

So if you have the time and can experience it, why not? If the virtual line reservations don’t meet you schedule, you will probably not miss it. How excited for a franchise you havn’t seen can you be anyway?

I haven’t heard anything GREAT about it, even from F&F fans so I don’t think there’s a problem missing it.

I rode it. Twice.

Full review here: All alone in the World: Day 5