Fasspass+ Weirdness

I am still more than 60 days out to reserve my FPPs. March 5th is my day to select. This morning I was going into My Disney Experience account, and clicked the link to choose FPPs and the calendar for my week in May was open! I was able to select and confirm 2 of my top picks and when I went to select my third I was unable to access the dates anymore. The FPPs for Avatar Flights of Passage on May 5th and Seven Dwarfs train Ride on May 8th still appear in my account. Do you think they will stay in my account or will Disney catch the glitch and take them back?


There have been reports of this glitch! Congrats! I have not read any reports yet that they disappeared!


My 60 day window should have opened today. I was intermittently able to start booking fastpasses on this past Monday (the first I tried when I read about people finding this glitch). Between Monday and Wednesday I was able to get in to make all my fastpasses for an 11 day trip. It would let me do a few then bump me out and start telling me I was too early. So I’d wait and try again.

Logged in this morning at 7 am for what should have been the beginning of my window and everything was still there.


Thank you SO MUCH for this information! My Fast Pass day should be Monday, March 11th. I just linked my park tickets and was able to grab a few before it shut me down. I have Slinky and FOP!! (I also grabbed ToT, RnR and TT, I was so flustered and not prepared for this to happen, I did not get 7D up front, but not as much as a big deal to us). I will try for more every day now. If not, my actual Fast Pass day will be so much easier and less stressful! Thanks again!


I noticed the same glitch, but only using the app and only if I selected everyone in my party. I only got one fast pass before it stopped working

I guess even the glitch is glitchy. I was only able to use the website, app didn’t work at all!

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Thanks for the heads up! My FP day is this coming Tuesday and I was able to get SDD FP for 7! I love this forum! :smile:


What scares me is how random this is. My FP day is tomorrow, mine isn’t open early. Now I’m wondering if it will open correctly at all! Very nerve-wracking. Also, tbh, I’m jealous. I’m planning for a party of 10-15 and we could use some extra pixie dust!


My FPP window opens Tuesday. After reading this thread this morning, I tried to get my FP’s booked and…SUCCESS! It took a lot of time and patience, refreshing and clearing cookies, using both the app and the web browser but, I secured everything for my trip. I was also able to modify everything but it was similar to the initial booking-took time and patience, had a lot of errors before getting each one successfully modified.
Just don’t give up- there’s definitely a glitch with the FPP booking window right now. :blush::blush:


Hi, Were you able to make your FP selections on your first day of 60 days out?
Wondered if the FP glitch effected you from completing all your choices for each day.
I’m asking because I can officially start choosing FP tomorrow.

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I had no problem, was still able to book the 3 per

Ok thanks…I didn’t want these weird glitches to mess up my actual 60 day FP reservation especially since I have to sign on at 4am PT!

For those MDE accounts I manage and bought tickets for before the date-specific tickets rolled out, yes they opened on time this morning (day 60). And for my in-laws who are connected as friends/family and also bought before the date-specific tickets started. I could not make any for my parents or cousin immediately, they both had date specific tickets. An hour later I was able to make my parents’ FPP as well. My cousin was able to make hers immediately, even though I couldn’t.

Personally, I think availability may have been affected but others disagree.

Hope that answers your question!