Farewell Breakfast from Pop

I think I’d like to do a farewell breakfast on the last day of our trip. It’s a Saturday and we won’t have a car. I grabbed a reservation at Trattoria at 9:30 (maybe the princesses will return). Couldn’t get anything at Topolino’s. It would be me, DH, DS9 and DD7. Our flight leaves MCO at 2:45. Is it easy to get to the BW area on the Skyliner? Should we head to DS instead?

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Someone please correct me if I’m wrong as I’ve only taken the Skyliner once (such a sad statement. Anyway). You can take the Skyliner from Pop to the CBR station then transfer to the Epcot line. It’s a short walk from that station at IG to BW. Sounds like a great way to end your trip!


You are correct. Very easy to get to BW area via the SL.

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And, just to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, you can also take the Skyliner to the CBR station, transfer to the HS line and walk from there. Of course, it is a longer walk from HS (although, not by a whole lot). But the ride on the Skyliner itself is longer from CBR to Epcot, so it might depend on which wait is longer at CBR when transferring…the one for HS or the one for EP.

A great point. I’m all for a shorter wait in line, but I also love the Skyliner, so I wouldn’t mind a longer ride!