Possibly one of the best features on the site . . . and easily worth the annual subscription fee.
Thanks for doing this.
So useful to confirm or contest the supposition that, “Disney Cruises always go up in price.”?
They sort of don’t usually go down in price, but the FL/Military discounts can be spread quite liberally if when it’s X-2 weeks before sailing and there are empty cabins, yes?
Would there be a way to consider these discounts/credits as part of the FareTracker, or put a FL/Military “toggle” on top of the regular application?

Also, I see the Summer 2018 itineraries are out, and as Platinum CCay “Members,” we jumped on one at a very nice price. Almost $2k less than a similar cruise for 2017 (see above), we got the benefit by using a 10% shipboard discount (not available on every cruise) via a “placeholder” we purchased on a recent cruise. This is one of the 'tricks" my wife knows, even though I can’t explain. Plus there will be some shipboard credits from both DCL and the Travel Agent we use, so we got that going for us (which is nice).

Interestingly, while the itinerary is posted on FareTracker, booking may not be open to general public just yet so “regular” fares can’t be tracked. It’s over a year away, but we are very excited to visit Europe again via the Magic!

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