Far Away Hotel

I am staying at the Anaheim Marriott with my convention in September, but have ADR’s for dinners and character meals at the DLR hotels and DTD. The hotel says “two blocks” away from DLR, but other info I have seen states not to walk. Should I take ART to get there? I am able to walk long distances without difficulty, just wondering which would be faster/safer/easier/etc.


Judging from Google maps, I would be fine with walking. It is a longer walk, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be safe (or any less safe than walking from other hotels in the area… you don’t need to walk along a highway or anything). A bus or Uber or taxi would probably take just as long as walking by the time you wait and walk from wherever you get dropped off.

Thanks! I will con’t to plan on walking.

You should look on Google Maps. The walk it’s showing me from the Anaheim Marriott to DLH is about 1.5 miles. I think they are being a bit loose with the definition of “block”; a city block is usually about 300 feet; in this case, I think they are calling the entire east-west length of DLP one “block”, but it’s more like 1/2 mile.

Anaheim Marriott is going to be at least a mile walk. There will be many other people taking this same walk with you. If you prefer, you can cross Harbor Blvd from your hotel and walk directly into the Toy Story parking lot. Jump on the shuttle and it will drop you much closer to the parks. Best part is it is free. Don’t take ART, the Disney shuttles are faster and less frustrating.

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