Fantasyland EMM - time to do all that is offered?

Has anyone experienced the expanded Fantasyland EMM and been able to do everything within the allotted time (excluding the breakfast but including the princess meet & greets)? My optimized touring plan says there will be 20 minute waits for things like Cinderella/ Elena and 7DMT . . .

following…I was wondering the same thing as well

I don’t think the touring plan has a way to estimate waits for emm. Anything PPO is probably going to be a walk on (except sdmt) and once the Rd crowds arrive you’ll have the usual morning waits.
If I was doing emm, I would order my rides in importance and start that days touring plan at 9 am. Your tp will tell you how long each attraction takes so maybe add the walking times, attraction times, and 3-4 minutes for queue walking to estimate how long things will take you.

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IME this really depends on who is in your travel party. I couldn’t do everything with my family (boys 6 and 8) however some things were never in scope for us - my kids won’t do the carousel and would have put up a fuss if I had them meet princesses over rides). That said, we covered everything we wanted to do and multiple times. I did not use a touring plan for EMM. We skipped the carousel*, princesses, and Mad Tea Party. I think we did everything else at least once if not twice (husband and I split up with the kids when the little one declared “Heck no” to 7DMT).

If it were just adults or older kids or even people who’d been to WDW and “got” the importance of taking advantage of an empty Fantasyland, we absolutely could have tackled everything. Don’t go to 7DMT right away. We did it second and there was still a small queue. But by the time we were off and reentering it was walk on.

*The carousel is not listed as an EMM ride but I am 90% sure it was running. My boys refuse to do carousels unless I beg and it just isn’t worth the energy.

We did 7D 2x and everything else once except for the princesses. Had breakfast before close at 10am.