Fantasyland - Early Morning Magic

So I have Early Morning Magic booked for Fantasyland. What can I expect? How early should we arrive at the park? Any tips/tricks? What is the best order to get to the attractions? Are there any meet and greets that are open during this time? Very excited and somewhat overwhelmed. Thanks!

I concentrate on the rides that get the longest lines later that we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to ride repeatedly (Peter Pan, SDMT). Once we’ve had our fill of those we move on to Pooh. They’ve added rides and attractions to EMM since I was there last, but I don’t see changing that strategy. The princess meet and greets are open, so if my kids wanted to do those, I’d do those too.

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My family has EMM tickets for our trip in May. My plan of attack is similar to jcgoblue’s suggestion. Ride Peter Pan and Seven Dwarves before heading over to Pooh and potentially Under the Sea. We’ll stop for breakfast around 9:30 and then head back for iasw and other fantasyland rides my daughter wants to hit before our BBB reservation at 11.

EMM starts at 7:45am. I’d recommend being at MK by 7am so you can go through the TTC / Bag Check / etc… and be waiting to enter by 7:30am

Very low crowds / no waits for rides until 9am. It’s almost like having your own VIP tour.

Everybody is going to run to 7DMT and PPF. Even though it’s going to be a nominal wait, you’ll still have to wait 5 minutes to ride. Go to Pooh / Mad Tea party / Meet Cinderella then go to 7DMT and PPF. That’s when it’ll be empty because now people have moved on to the rest of Fantasyland.
The only attraction I say to avoid is IaSW. The ride itself takes 15 minutes to complete. If you need to ride it consider doing it after 9am.

Yep! Princess Fairytale Hall will be open. It’s usually Cinderella and Elena, but can be subject to change.

The usual stuff - get there early (before RD) / make a touring plan / go eat at 9:30am / plan your first FFP for after 10am

One more thing… if you are going between 2/11/20 - 3/3/20 EMM will be honoring Cinderella’s 70th Anniversary with special characters to meet like Prince Charming / Step Sisters / Mice

It is super fun!!! We loved it this past summer. Like others have said, avoid 7D first thing. We had planned to start with WtP but it was down the whole event (we were able to ride around 11 am with our wristbands later in the day) so we hit Fairytale Hall and did all four of those M&Gs. Then we walked on PPF and rode the carousel. We didn’t go over to 7D until 8:20 or so and just rode that until RD. I think our total was 6 rides. We then went and did SB for HM (maybe 10 minutes max) and went to Cosmic Rays for breakfast. I didn’t bother with UtS, Tea Party, or iasw during the event because they are all so easy to get FPs for during the day.