Fantasy vrs. Magic. 7 day Carb

Ok can you help. We need to decide on what ship to book. The trip is the same week in October and we like the itenaries the same. What ship would you pick. No children on this one
Fantasy or Magic.

I loooooove the Fantasy, especially if you don’t have the kids with you, there are a lot more options for adults on the Fantasy, in my opinion.

Even though the Magic has been “newly re-imagined” the nightlife on the Fantasy is much better, there are more options for things to do, places to meet up with friends, etc.

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Ok thanks so so much.

I’d pick the Fantasy since you have already been on one of the classic ships.

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That’s what I was thinking. We like the Dream over the Wonder. But for the 7 days I want to be sure. Thanks @pirategirl007 :0) @pixiemichele :0)