Fantastic Summer 2017

Does Fantastic typically show through September? Is it every day or only on weekends? We are going the last week in September (Mon-Thurs).

It has been closed since January 2016, so not sure what will happen when it finally reopens, whenever that may be. There is no official date yet.

I just did some research on some of my other forums and it seems that there is no consensus as to when it will reopen. Refilling ROA is scheduled for early June, so obvviously no full rehearsals will be possible until that is done. Several months ago the target date was June 16th, but that seems unlikely now. Some are saying that the “new” target date is July 16th. Some CMs are saying it’s behind schedule and it won’t be open until August. They extended the MSEP run through August, so there may be something to that…

Was just in the park on Thursday. RoA is completely filled, walls are down in front, and they were doing test runs with rafts to Tom Sawyer. Don’t know if rehearsals have started yet, but could be end of the summer? I hope so, we’re going again in Sept, would love to see it :slight_smile:

That’s great news! Seems like they may a bit ahead of schedule. I have a tentative trip at the end of Sept and I, too, am hoping to see it.

Rehearsals have been going on already for Fantasmic. I have spoken directly with someone who has seen the rehearsals. I have heard Mid July, but am hoping beyond hope that they are way ahead of schedule and it opens the first week of July. Why? My daughter and I will be there from July 4-8 :smiley: