Fantastic and Star Wars in One Night

Hi All! Our only night at DHS has a Fantasmic at 8pm and a Star Wars at 8:30. Have any of you caught both shows? My guess is that we’d have to leave Fantasmic early and be willing for a less than optimal viewing spot for Star Wars? Do any of you happen to have any helpful advice for seeing both shows or is it wiser for us to pick one? Thanks in advance!

Past advice I’ve seen is it’s possible if you sit in the back for Fantasmic! hustle out and are OK with a bad view for Star Wars.

We did a 9PM Fantasmic! and then caught a 10PM Star Wars which worked out beautifully as we could slowly leave F! and then were able to walk up to the front of the Chinese Theater and get a great view of SW. I was stunned at how well that worked out for us but we weren’t in position for SW until 9:45’ish…

I was thinking to try this myself, but thought we’d be rushed.

We will have a prime spot for the SW show (10PM) because we’re doing the SWGT, and I thought about adding the Fantasmic! dessert party for a spot at the 9PM show.

Does anyone see a hitch in that plan? I see tickets for 8pm and 8:20pm, and would probably opt for the latter.

You’re exactly right, you’d need to miss the end of Fantasmic and your view for Star Wars would be poor - you can see the fireworks from all over but it’s the projections that make the show and for a good view of those you’d need to be in position at least 30 mins beforehand, probably longer - we did 45 mins last trip and weren’t right at the front.

Thank you @missoverexcited and @Damavs.

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This has me thinking now…

Keep our 50s reservation and add the dessert package. Or switch to a dining package at H&V or HBD?

With younger children (8 and 11), I’m leaning toward the H&V package. We have never done any of the three restaurants.

You’ll get lots of opinions on this but I’d rank those restaurants like this: 50’s, HBD and H&V. But, as they say, your miles may vary. What excites you about H&V?

Are you doing the package for the seat voucher at Fantasmic or do you get a deal on the food vs going a la carte?

It’s mainly about the experience for my sons first and the voucher second. H&V would be nice as we’d save a few bucks :slight_smile:

Fun stuff to consider. You are one, cool dad. :slight_smile:

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We did H&V in June and thought it was very good. The food was good and the character interaction was excellent. I would give the food 7 out of 10 and the interaction 8.5 out of 10.