Fantastic and Rivers of Life Dining packages

Just curious if anyone has used the packages for either of these to get the special entrance. Is it worth it to avoid waiting in line? I’ll be going (solo) in January. Thanks for any insight!

For Fantasmic, IMHO, it is worth it for the seating area and the best value is to take the dessert package rather than the dinner package. You still have to get there relatively early, but less so.

Done both. Love both. However, I do it for the value in both the food and the show. If I wasn’t a foodie who would likely go to the restaurants anyway, I probably wouldn’t see the value; but I don’t mind paying a little more to eat where I would already eat and basically have an extra FPP.

For both, when it was just me and one travel buddy, we got there about 15 minutes in advance without any problem. With a larger group this time, I will probably do 30 to be sure we can all sit together.