Ok. So, This is our first visit to wdw (like you couldn’t tell from my previous post) and so, I have a question about Fantasmic! What time does it start? (We have a 4yo) and is the ‘dining pkg’ worth it? We have multiple family members with food allergies so where would be best if the dining pkg is worth it?

You’ll find Fantsmic times on the WDW website. Showtimes may change. There may also be two shows per night during busier times of the year.

Is the dining package worth it? Everyone I know says, “yes.” There are multiple reasons to list why.
Best seating
You generally do eat food (2 birds with one stone, actually 3 if you count the sit down break)
Some of the packages have a perk included from the menu
No need to hope for, or hold a fastpass
No need to show up as early to wait in line.

Mama Melrose might still be the cheapest. They have an entire “allergy” menu that lists everything out. I’m pretty sure most WDW restaurants are extremely accommodating when it comes to allergies. I wouldn’t worry too much about any of the places.

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In my opinion, the dining package is definitely worth it. Seeing that you have a 4yo, even though the food is average, it would be worth considering Hollywood and Vine for your meal. They handle allergies (i have an allergy and they got me food from 50s Prime Time next door) so they are more than accommodating.

Your 4yo will love the characters in the restaurant (even though they are mainly from shows that are no longer on tv). A few years ago we went there with my 4yo and when i told her we were going to WDW this year, it was the first restaurant she asked to go back to.

Thanks y’all! Unfortunately, my hubs just informed me that he has absolutely no desire to experience Fantasmic!. So, it appears that he and the little will retire to the resort and the bigs and I will hang out in line.

Fantasmic is another, somewhat predictable, “must see” Disney spectacular. We went 1 hr early (during a slow time of the year) one year and got great seats. It was fun . . . Mickey triumphs over evil. A few years later, we did the Mama Melrose dinner package, still had to show up 1/2 hr early and got pretty good seats. It was fun . . . Mickey triumphs over evil.

That’s enough Fantasmic for a few years.


But you still have to check every year … right!!


This summer I told my DD that since she was too young for staying up that late on our first trip, and 13 years later we just didn’t do it because she wasn’t interested in doing so as she had seen it with her dad, on the trip this summer we ARE seeing it, and I booked the MM dining package for it. She can skip it if she wants, but I HAVE TO SEE MICKEY WIN!! :scream:

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A dining package is the only way I’ll see F! - once evry 3 or 4 trips…

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We have been to Disney 10x but have only seen Fantasmic 2x…didn’t want to eat inside park, but was wondering about this holding FP + ? FP+ is new since our last trip in 2013…
My husband and I don’t care about being up close we prefer to sit back…but that being said can you still wait in line and get seats with all these different ways to reserve seats?
We are going on a 4/10 day late September I think just one show…
Any help suggestions appreciated.

We did the Fantasmic dining package last week. It was well worth it. We ate at Mama Melrosa’s and really enjoyed our meal there. We found we were able to get 4th,5th, and 6th FPs during the day due to not using an FP for the show and still didn’t have to worry about getting to Fantasmic early or wait in a huge queue. We thought the show itself was awesome and would watch it again. And we enjoyed it even though it was pouring with rain!

Personally, we see Fantasmic every trip. It was one of the first Disney shows I remember seeing in the early 90’s and the soundtrack still gives me chills. I think everyone has pretty much already said this but it’s definitely worth the dining package.