Fantasmic with FP

Just wondering if I am able to get a FP for Fantasmic, how early do I need to be in line for the show? It would be late august and as of right now showing a F! start time of 8:30pm.

Pretty sure the FP will tell you what time to arrive, I think it will be a time slot like 8pm-8.20pm. That’s how it works for shows like FotLK anyway.

Oh ok. Thank you. So with a FP, as long as you’re there within your window you are guaranteed to get in the show correct? I know it may not be specific seating like with the dining package but just want to make sure we’ll get in.

Yes you’ll get in.

Get there at the beginning of your window. I once showed up at the end of the window, as I was walking by all the standbys, the fp time ended and they were released, so at the end of the fp lane I had to merge with the crowd.

are dining package seats better or is it the same as FP?

I believe dining package seats are better as they are in a designated area. But I could be wrong so someone who’s gone more recently than me please correct me if I am.

I just returned from a week at Disney World with my family. We ate at Hollywood and Vine earlier in the day and received our vouchers for special seating at Fantasmic that evening. The seats were awesome and much better than the FP+ seats in my opinion (they are in a special area in the center that was roped off from the other seats). Doing this meant we got the better seats and didn’t have to use a FP+ that could be used for a ride or other attraction. I recommend getting the dining passes if you can!

Anyone who eats at Hollywood and Vine gets them?

Only if you have booked the Fantasmic dining package. It is available at Hollywood & VIne, Mama Melroses, and Hollywood Brown Derby.

Yup. By eating lunch or dinner there, you will get vouchers from your server for one of that night’s shows. The other restaurants that do the Fantasmic vouchers are The Brown Derby and Mama Melrose’s. Here’s a link from the WDW website that might be helpful: Click on “Read More” under “Feast, Then Fantasmic!” for pricing/dining plan information at each restaurant. Ours was booked 180 days out.