Fantasmic vs. Symphony in the Stars?

On one day of our trip, we are spending the morning in Animal Kingdom and the afternoon in Hollywood Studios. Which of the nighttime shows is better? Is it possible to do both in one evening? We are also planning to go to the Star Wars Launch bay during a generous break for dinner (135 min at 5.30.) Do we have a chance of getting good seats for both, or should we skip Fantasmic and just see Symphony in the Stars?

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You should easily be able to see Fantasmic, leave the show and see the Fireworks.

Thanks! Should we try to get a FastPass for Fantasmic? If so, when should I look for one?

The center seats are taken by the Fantasmic Dinner Packages. There really isn’t much of a benefit to a FP.

OK. Thanks.

Some liner suggested sitting in the back area at Fantasmic. You will get out so much quicker and get to the fireworks ahead of most.

Thanks, we’ll try to do that.