Fantasmic vip experience

Still torn, no fast pass, maybe can get it later. Is the Fantasmic Dessert and VIP viewing worth it???

I thought it was well-worth it. It’s cheaper than the others, and it’s a good way to get the best seating without doing the dining package. They give you a ton of desserts and light-up souvenirs that the kids loved too.

Here’s the view from the reserved area:

And the desserts:

If there’s a restaurant that you already want to eat at in HS that participates in the Fantasmic dining package, that’s probably a cheaper way to go. But, the restaurants on the plan are not ones that we’d usually pick. The reserved area was shared between the dining package and dessert party guests.


Are you big dessert people? We really aren’t, so we went the dining package route.

We did mama melrose and it was fine. Agree that it wasn’t a restaurant we would’ve probably picked otherwise, but with being on the dining plan, it worked out. If we weren’t on the dining plan, it would have been a harder decision.

Compare the dessert package price to the dining package price and consider what you would otherwise pay for dinner to see what the true cost of each is.

We enjoyed the dessert party since it is the same center area the dining packages sit in. They gave us a bag for our desserts so we didn’t worry about eating them all. If you are willing to eat at Mama Melrose, that dining package is not much more money (my son refuses to eat there again so it was not an option for me).

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Dessert party is best value IMO

We decided on the dessert VIP experience because we are only going to be there from 2pm to close…figured we wouldn’t want to waste an hour eating!!!


Yes that’s why we did it. We only went to HS for F! , so it was convenient to just show up last minute and walk right in and still get the best seats in the house.


I think that depends on what you want. The dessert party is $39 and includes a box of desserts, a light up lanyard, and a really bad drink (my opinion). MM dining package is $43 plus tip. That includes an entree, dessert and non alcoholic drink.? The seating area is the same.


MM is 43$ ??? Wow…this has changed since I was last there…or maybe I didn’t check MM specifically then (because I think the others are more expensive ?)

I agree with you, it depends what you want ! For me I would still choose dessert party cause I don’t want to ‘‘waste’’ time sitting at MM but it’s much less of an easy choice than I thought. Thanks for clarifying !!! :smiley:

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We did the F! dessert party and thought it was a great value. We had no stress finding a good spot, DD had a food allergy box so she was good, and DH and I had a few adult beverages. It IS a lot of food though and we ended up bringing at least 1 1/2 boxes (out of 5) back to the room and snacking on bits and pieces pre-breakfast the next day. I’d do it again, but F! for me isn’t an every visit thing.

Yes, MM is $43 plus tax & tip. We used TS credits from the dining plan, so they also let us have alcoholic drinks included.

H&V is $49 or 1 TS credit. Brown Derby is $65 or 2 TS credits.

We had RDed EMH at Epcot that morning and been on the run all day, so we needed a break.

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I totally agree that the drink was terrible. The price made it work for us the one time we did it, though. We wanted to eat at SciFi that trip, and we wanted the better seats. The desserts were really just a bonus… we were mostly paying for the section.

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