Fantasmic, Star Wars Fireworks, or Rivers of Light?

Polling the audience…

We have never experienced Fantasmic, Rivers of Light, and Star Wars Fireworks. On our upcoming trip, I have a free night where I could schedule one of these into our touring plan. Which of these would you recommend?

have you seen any of these before?

We are shooting for Fantasmic! & Star Wars Fireworks on the same night. :slight_smile:

My experience is that you may catch the tail end of the Star Wars fireworks, but that will probably be about all. It takes so long to get out of Fantasmic once it is over that it makes it difficult to see much of Star Wars. I’m guessing Disney did this to try and make people choose to disperse the crowd some.

No, we haven’t seen any of those…just Wishes, Happily Ever After, and Illuminations.

Fantasmic has two shows…9:00 & 10:30. Star Wars is at 10:00.

holy cow. You even said “we have never experienced.” i need to stop responding to things if I can’t read. Sorry :frowning:

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You’re lucky then. Much of the year they are at 9:00 and 9:30.

I liked Fantasmic better than the Star Wars Fireworks. If you haven’t seen either, I would choose one or the other. I wouldn’t try both if they are scheduled a 1/2 hour apart. You are going to miss part of either or both shows. Haven’t seen ROL.

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In that case you could do the 9pm Fantasmic, and the Star Wars show too.


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Three very different experiences. SW is video projection driven with lasers and fireworks added in (but not as many as HEA or Illuminations). Short, but very high energy. RIL is almost 180 degrees opposite - calm, fountains and lights, mist screen projections, and no fireworks (again relatively short). Fantasmic is the longest show, has lots of Disney characters, a few fountains and mist screens, and a few token low fireworks in the finale. It also has a loose “plot” featuring Mickey as the star.

Fantasmic is a classic that I think everyone should see at least once. But it hasn’t changed in 20 years and I’m pretty much over it. I’m planning both SW and ROL for my next trip.

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As you haven’t seen any I would go to Fantastic - it’s different to any of the other shows you have seen. You may be able to do star wars on the same day if there is a 10:30 Fantasmic. RoL is, in my opinion, the worst night time show in any Disney park I have been to- slow and boring. Seen it once, have no interest to see it again.

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