Fantasmic/Star wars fireworks combo

What are the chances of being able to do fantasmic and Star Wars fireworks on the same night. Looks like Fantasmic ends at 9:25 and fireworks start at 9:45???

Is this before the new show? It will take you a few minutes to exit but you should have no problem seeing the fireworks.

I haven’t really looked at the specific time schedules, but if those numbers are accurate, it will be very difficult. I would sit at the back of the F! arena and leave just as the show is ending, then head over toward the Echo Lake area as quickly as possible. I’ve had good views from near Min and Bill’s and from in front of 50s. for the “old” show. Obviously can’t comment on sight lines for the new show yet…

There have been reports that you can see the current show from the front of the park and Boardwalk. I assume you have to sit near an exit to get back up near The Great Movie ride but shouldn’t you still be able to see them from other locations?

The “high” fireworks are visible from most places in the park, but for the stage show (and presumably the projections in the new show) you’ll have to be more or less in front of the Chinese Theater.

I think this will depend on the crowd level. When I was there in February, I had a similar situation. Fantasmic let out at 7:25, and, according to the texts I sent to my husband, I was stationed in my fireworks spot with a clear view of the Chinese Theater by 7:37. And that was taking into account that I had to go grab a stroller after Fantasmic, get my son into it, and get to the spot. If it’s not too crowded, I find it very possible that you can do it if you know exactly where you are going and how to get there. In this situation, we were sitting in the back of the theater for Fantasmic and had an easy exit.