Fantasmic Showtimes with DDP

I have reservations for Fantasmic Dining Package at 6:35 p.m. for Hollywood and Vine. I keep reading that the reservations only secure first viewing for Fantasmic. However, I only see 9 p.m. noted for the show, which is our preference and would work fine with this dining time (I think). My question is, will we be issued vouchers for an early show, making the dining package irrelevant in this instance? Reservations are for May 23rd. Also have DDP, so this should work without additional charges, correct?

Can’t help you with show times, but the dining plan covers the package.

Yes it’s 1 credit for the H&V package. I’m pretty sure 9pm was the only showtime when we were there last August and that’s the show our vouchers were for. Usually the last package available is at least 2.5 hours before the first show so if you’re eating at 6.35 that suggests there won’t be an earlier show.

They always say for the earlier show even with only one show. If you want to see the show on a night when there is only one show the package is very valuable. Actually, the cost of that meal makes the package and using the dining plan a great value! You will get a voucher for the dining package seating. Those seats are the best seats in the theatre .