Fantasmic returns November

According to a tweet from Disney Parks.

Expected to be early November.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1580211882472144898|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=

Edit: no idea why that didn’t post like a usual tweet.


Same thing is happening to me in other threads. Something’s up with the forum.

It is behaving strangely today in general

Long long loading times and I had one time when I replied to a thread, it posted my reply, but it left the reply box open and wouldn’t cancel it. I had to close the tab and reopen


I work in “market strategy” so in the marketing periphery but not for a theme park or anything. But for the LIFE of me I do not understand the marketing strategy with this. If you were going to say just “November” why not do that like 2 months ago? If only you had a giant event that could have used some concrete announcements. But now they will get to do another release in two weeks with an actual date? Or just hang a sign at some point in November?


I suspect the problems they faced meant they weren’t confident enough to commit to an opening date.

This tweet may just be “building the suspense”. The owner of WDWMagic reported earlier today that an announcement was expected very soon, which was followed 2 hours later by the tweet. He is now saying he expects further details to come by the end of the week.

And @len posted that thinks it’s to do with trying to confirm a media event to launch it.

you mean like… a 1-year anniversary of a completely lackluster 50-year anniversary celebration? Something like that?


Or even like a giant super fan conference??


yeah. Hmmm sadly those are just the stuff of dreams and fairytales.

(Disney’s marketing is absolutely terrible, nonsensical, and contrived anymore. I can’t think of any piece of actual media they released in the past few years that was heartwarming or exciting or just simply “fun.”)

This was the last thing I can think of and it was 6 YEARS ago!
Why Stay at a Disney Resort Hotel The Musical Walt Disney Wo - YouTube


I feel like this must have been the case, but are we really supposed to think that 3 weeks out they don’t know what day they will open? Supposedly the press event is 11/2. I just don’t really get the tiny trickle of information.

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Maybe we have finally broken the forum with our 20 quadzillion photos in our trip reports. :rofl:

Either that or one of @mousematt’s thread titles caused a fatal error in the coding.


I think it’s a couple of things:

  1. They’re trying to put together a media event for very very early November. Like three-ish weeks from this week, which requires a LOT of coordination. (Reporters have to make travel plans, get day care, find publishing space, Disney has to get flights and hotel rooms, etc.)

My guess is that they’re trying to see if they can get a critical mass of media for very early November. If they can’t, they’ll try for the following week.

  1. I’m told there’s still staffing issues to be sorted. Like I think that for some charactes, there’s exactly one person that can play them. So the “Minimum number of buses that can run over people before we shut down the show” number is pretty low. That’s not great.



I think they were also trying to pivot away from all the price increase news yesterday.

It’s a real thing in risk management: Bus Factor.

At my old job, we tried to remove the morbid part of it by calling it the “Winning the Lottery Factor”. You’d be surprised at the number of people who got far-away, wistful looks when we said stuff like “What if Reginald got hit by a bus?” :rofl:



Oh… I see it’s if so and so got hit by a bus, not necessarily that a parade bus (float) ran over a person in the parade


That’s still morbid but less terrifying to learn is real!


See boss, I really do learn important stuff on this forum.


ugh…we really don’t need one. Someone tell them they shouldn’t feel obligated. (cause disney media events are the worst)

Fantasmic will draw them in just fine on its own.

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(got a feeling i’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of this gif in the coming years when talking about Disney)


I have never done Fantasmic…and with it likely being open now for our December trip, I am curious to how to tackle this. We have one night available to us to see it…an evening we have planned to see HS at night, and focusing on TSL. (We have two other mornings in HS to see/do SWGE and ToT, etc.)

Anyhow…long winded explanation to ask…if we want to get into Fantasmic, what time should we head over there to line up?

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My DH has never seen it, and I had tears brimming in my eyes when I watched it for the first time.
I’m hoping they offer the dining package and preferred seating like previous.

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